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YouTuber Takes GPT-3 Instructions to Bake an Oreo Cake! And It’s Not Bad

  /  Latest News   /  YouTuber Takes GPT-3 Instructions to Bake an Oreo Cake! And It’s Not Bad

YouTuber Takes GPT-3 Instructions to Bake an Oreo Cake! And It’s Not Bad

Ann Reardon, a YouTuber cooked a super moist, giant oreo cake with the help of GPT-3

Ann Reardon, a YouTuber, who runs a channel called how to cook that, concocted a cake recipe using an artificial intelligence technology called GPT-3 and tried following it to achieve some end results. GPT-3 is the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text. Developed by OpenAI, it requires a small amount of input text to generate large volumes of relevant and sophisticated machine-generated text.


The Super Moist Giant Oreo Cake by AI

To test if an artificial intelligence system can really cook as well as humans, Ann Reardon tried an experiment to develop a recipe. Ann Reardon in her video said that the first two recipes that spread out were just useless. In her 3rd attempt, she spread out the recipe for a super moist giant oreo cake. The ingredients were mainly butter, oreo biscuits, morsels, chocolate, and cake mix, and the process churned out what looked like a cake, but did not feel like one as it was quite hard in texture.

As per this artificial intelligence system, the super moist giant oreo cake tasted extremely good. But this GPT-3-generated recipe did make some errors. The AI added gum in the recipe process. But we can always treat it like a human error.  Ann Reardon made some tweaks but mostly stuck to what the artificial intelligence had spitted out and the cake was not moist as the title claimed.

The reviews of the super moist giant oreo cake were not bad when the cake was put to a taste test. Everyone had a hard time putting the cake on their plates in one piece as it was too brittle and enjoyed the taste. It seems that it would not take decades before artificial intelligence could dominate the world, as claimed by sci-fi movies.