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  /  Latest News   /  You Can Now Time Travel with Google by Just Using Your Phone!
Time Travel

You Can Now Time Travel with Google by Just Using Your Phone!

Time travel with Google! Go back in time by just using your phone. 

While the real-life Doraemon is still unable to time travel, Google’s Street View time machine vehicles can now take us there! To develop this time travel with Google feature, automobile historical photographs have been compiled into a tool that demonstrates how areas have evolved through time. The feature was previously only available on Google Maps for computers, but it is now available on cellphones as well.

In a blog post, Ethan Russell, senior director of product management for Google Maps, wrote, “Street View time machine is all about documenting the world as it changes, and it’s also a wonderful way to reminisce about the past.” It’s now easier than ever to travel back in time right from your phone, starting today as Google Maps time travel feature can be used on Android and iOS devices around the world.

Here’s how to put Time Travel with Google into work: 

1. Open Google Maps on your mobile device. 

2. Take a look at Street View. 

3. To learn more about a location, tap anywhere on the image. 

4. Select “show more dates” to view historical photographs of the location dating back to 2007. More than a dozen dates could be available on city streets, but the isolated locations will have fewer alternatives.

5. Look through the photographs to view a digital time capsule of the location’s evolution.

The feature was launched to commemorate Street View’s 15th anniversary. An enhanced mapping camera and the new Street View Studio, which provides tools for efficiently uploading 360-degree image sequences in bulk, were also part of the celebrations.