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Woven: Simplifying Recruitment Activities for Better Organizational Hiring

  /  CXO   /  Woven: Simplifying Recruitment Activities for Better Organizational Hiring

Woven: Simplifying Recruitment Activities for Better Organizational Hiring

In today’s job market, one’s resume may fail to make an impact, let alone create an impression in the minds of the recruiters, or worse, it may be flawed with falsehood and misleading facts. Applicants may run the risk of being overlooked due to inherent biases of the human mind. Woven is a leading technology-based company that provides technical assessment tests through its evidence-based developer hiring platform for organizations to procure the best technical candidates, including what the company calls as ‘Hidden Gems’ who would usually go overlooked in the interview process. Woven has curated work simulations where each of them has thousands of hours of refinement and iteration. These simulations have the ability to predict job success and are proven to be successful in the workplace. Woven asserts that its simulations incorporate soft skills and actual job functions, which allows the company to identify technical competencies alongside other essential qualities like team fit, communication, and critical thinking.

The company finds that one of the most potent resources for good is human ingenuity applied to an effective team- which is often wasted in current times. Hence, Woven’s utmost priority is to help unlock human ingenuity and purpose. This is quintessentially why it has created effective software teams by allowing outsiders to join teams with the ease of insiders.


An Experienced Leader

Wes Winham Winler is the Founder and CEO of Woven. Wesis a software entrepreneur from Chickasha), Oklahoma. He was rated as employee #1 at a SaaS startup called PolicyStat where =he built a SaaS product and were responsible for engineering. He helped the company to grow from US$0 ARR to US$5 million ARR with a yield of greater than 99.9 percent customer renewal rate. While Wes was in college with another student, he co-founded a startup in Virtual Asset Trading, called Iron Prairie, Inc. Currently, as the CEO of Woven, Wes is fascinated with better developer hiring by reducing bias.


Delivering Transformative Solutions in the Hiring Industry

Woven has proven to be a driving force for equality and fairness in tech. Companies leverage its technical screening solution that helps high-growth software teams hire faster and more effectively while reducing bias. By using realistic work simulations instead of resumes to sort candidates, Woven uncovers hidden gems in the company’s hiring pool to find talented engineers that others tend to overlook.

Thanks to Woven, talented software engineers who would typically go unnoticed due to their background have had the opportunity to show their skills and earn great, high-paying jobs for high-growth tech companies. One of the most significant values the company offers to hire managers is the speed at which they can find the right candidates. Woven’s clients are currently witnessing an 80 percent reduction in engineering time spent on hiring and saving tens of thousands of dollars spent on headhunter fees every quarter. The company also claims that its clients have observed that nearly two-thirds of their new hires would be less likely to churn in their first 120 days than hires onboarded without Woven.


Tackling the Deep-Rooted Challenges

Speaking of the challenges in the hiring sector, Wes says that when companies hire, they often overestimate their ability to interview, ask the right questions, and honestly evaluate talent. In addition to that, the process is already biased, with people looking for specific criteria that are not indicative of how well someone can do their job. Hence, he feels that telling people that they have been doing something wrong is a tough conversation, and finds that many are not ready to admit their deficiencies and potential ways to interview better.


Invaluable Client Feedback and Recognition

Woven is proud to have delivered innovative solutions for its clients across different industries. This helped the company in winning the 2020 Startup of the Year by TechPoint Mira Awards.

Because of the company’s exceptional services and performance, its clientele has nothing but a galore of praises for Woven. This is what inspires the company to keep striving and coming up with enhanced and satisfactory solutions every time. Some of the testimonies of Woven’s clients are:

“We have been able to find and recruit more candidates in the past few weeks than the past few years. The amount of time it is taking us to find, vet, and make a hiring decision has been reduced by no less than 80 percent per hire. Our recruiting costs have reduced by 65 percent on average per hire. These are some amazing outcomes and unprecedented improvement in our hiring metrics.” – Richard Siebels, CTO vMOX

“You guys have a great product, and it’s been extremely helpful.  I was very skeptical of Woven, but now I see why you had such beaming references.  I’m glad I can now be one of those references for you.” – Vincent Smith, COO from Mobile reCell

 “Honestly, this the best feedback I have ever seen. The thoroughness and attention to detail is simply amazing. Everything about it is perfect.” (This is by?)

“The experience was phenomenal. I can tell you took a lot of time to think through the process to reduce candidate anxiety and consider the process.  It was good enough I added my info to your site for when you’re hiring engineers.”– (This is by?)


The Future of Hiring

Wes states that at present, industries are slowly moving away from using resumes to identify and hire talent and shifting towards using actual evaluations to hire the right talent. He is confident that this shall not only result in better and more diverse teams but also lead to an evolution of a more varied and accepted form of education and training while driving potential for workers to change their careers more easily as per their skills and interests. Wes also mentions that enabling remote teams and workers would be a big trend in the future after the occurrence of COVID. With less face time and interview capabilities, it is going to be more important to have more alternatives to evaluate candidates.