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Wish to Name Your Baby Elon? What If they get his Reputation

  /  Latest News   /  Wish to Name Your Baby Elon? What If they get his Reputation

Wish to Name Your Baby Elon? What If they get his Reputation

Name your baby Elon is out of trend as Musk has destroyed his public image because of controversies

Name your baby Elon– is now out of trend. As per the report, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk‘s name has clearly faded its brightness among the parents of newborn babies. According to BabyCenter’s review of the data, the name “Elon” has appeared in popularity over the last year, dropping from 120 babies per million in the year 2021 to just 90 babies per million, falling in the popularity rankings by 466 spots.

Name your baby Elon” trend had seen a momentary rise over the last seven or so years, but in the present time, it is falling out of favour big time, plummeting back down to 2019 levels which clearly shows that Musk’s public reputation has been taking a significant hit. The digital parenting site, which features a “baby name finder” and runs regular posts that highlight baby name ideas, has been dropping a list of the most popular baby names drawn from parents visiting its site for almost two decades now.  And you will find countless reasons why Musk could be a less popular public figure than he was in past few years.

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Especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elon Musk made his appearance as a controversial figure with his comments against vaccinations and lockdowns.

He has also become synonymous with unhealthy work culture, firing practically anybody who wants to correct him. standing in his way and forcing his employees to work long hours.

The disaster that Elon Musk created after taking over Twitter, laying off staff, and asking them to work extra hours with focus or resign has fully destroyed his public image. Twitter layoffs have affected many people and which has directly hampered Elon Musk’s reputation. For reference, other baby names that have fallen out of fashion include “Kanye” — almost certainly in response to the travails of rapper Kanye West, who was in a years-long relationship with Musk — which fell a whopping 3,410 spots over the last year.

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Now parents are scared to name their baby Elon as if it affects his reputation.