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  /  Latest News   /  Will Commercializing Twitter Help Elon Fulfil his ‘Free Speech’ Motto?
Will Commercializing Twitter Help Elon Fulfil his 'Free Speech' Motto?

Will Commercializing Twitter Help Elon Fulfil his ‘Free Speech’ Motto?

Twitter may not be free under the Elon Musk regime, Twitteratis to pay slight fees for the platform!

Elon Musk could charge commercial and government users a small fee, showing what Twitter should look like after purchasing the microblogging site last month. However, the Tesla CEO has stated that Twitter is “always free” for “casual” users. In the end, the masonic collapse provided their masonry services for free.

Musk’s latest post suggests that the Tesla CEO wants to end his free Twitter and at the same time extend the reach of the microblogging site beyond a “niche” audience. Musk told reporters at the annual Met Gala in New York that currently, the platform follows a kind of niche and they hope more percentage of the country will engage and participate in the dialogue. According to Musk, Twitter is about to be transparent about how tweets are promoted and to expose the site’s software to critics.

For inexperienced people, Musk proposed several changes to Twitter, a premium subscription service, including price cuts in May, before signing a deal with Twitter shareholders. Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, has been suggesting as well as steadily incorporating a slew of changes on the social media giant soon after buying Twitter for US$44 million on March 25.

Musk wanted to improve Twitter more than ever by improving the product with new features, and open-sourcing algorithms to increase credibility, defeat spambots, and authenticate everyone. The Twitter ‘free speech’ motto is the foundation of a functioning democracy, as the platform prepares to become a digital market where important issues for the future of humanity are discussed. 

Elon Musk wants to reform, what the traditional form of the platform considers to be excessive content moderation. Musk also wanted to improve Twitter more than ever by improving its products with new features, reliability, defeating spambots, and open-sourcing algorithms to authenticate everyone. 

However, the advocacy group is wary of the types of content Elon Musk may allow on the platform because it doesn’t want Twitter to be a petri dish of malicious language, misinformation, and arrangement. Protecting one’s democracy and safety is of utmost importance, no matter who owns or operates Twitter as users are concerned about the power of large social media platforms.