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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Will AI continue to dominate for the years to come?

Will AI continue to dominate for the years to come?

2020 has left an impact that would last a lifetime for all of us. The year wasn’t promising on a variety of aspects, be it people losing their lives, getting sick, losing their jobs, people getting soaked in debt and what not. The pandemic was a wakeup call for us on a number of fronts. However, one thing is for sure – technology has become the centre of attraction. It has garnered attention like never before. Online platforms, social media, digital marketing have all witnessed a insane boost. This year of 2020 has seen vast implementation of technology in every possible area. Out of all the advancements, one field that has served to be the backbone during these tough times, needless to say, is artificial intelligence. By virtue of AI, we have seen massive success in a variety of fields. The last one year comes as no exception. AI has left its mark in every field that one can think of.

Now, let us address the real question – will AI continue to dominate for the years to come? Well, the fact that AI has been doing exceptionally well over the years makes it all the more a strong reason to believe that the coming years will get to see way better implementation of AI. We rely on AI so much without even realizing it. Consider the case of the pandemic. The last one year saw a majority of people working from home. Ideas driven by AI came into existence.

With people getting into terms with the new normal, a lot of companies are into adopting Artificial intelligence like never before. There probably isn’t any sector that’s left out untouched by AI. It is very much likely that the coming years would see phenomenal AI implementation. AI and related technologies would be seen laying the biggest key components thereby impacting almost every sector – positively, of course.

Let’s not talk about few years down the line. Let’s just consider the resent. Will AI dominate in 2021? Let us have a look at what makes the companies stick to AI no matter what the new technologies boast of.

  • Strategies – Gone are the days when the companies used to rely on traditional methods for strategizing. Today, adopting Artificial intelligence for data-driven strategies has become a trend. Deploying Artificial intelligence for data-driven strategies that aids in smart technologies and solutions is what the companies would be focusing on for they know how situations like Covid-19 could result in huge losses. The ease of decision-making by virtue of AI is worth a mention, too. One of the main objectives for the companies is to save time and cost and they know there cannot be a better option than relying on AI for this.
  • Autonomous operation – Looking for options that can help the company to be efficient and more secure than ever doesn’t come as a surprise. AI serves as the medium to bring autonomous operations on the stage that will ultimately enhance efficiency.
  • AIoT – AI and IoT both are well known concepts in this technology-rich world. However, today is the era of AIoT, which is a blend of AI and IoT. This has aided in completing the tasks and learning from the data without the involvement of humans.
  • Automation – A lot of sectors rely on automation, be it the healthcare sector, defence, agriculture or any industry for that matter. AI has a vital role to play as far as automation is concerned. The pandemic threw light on how crucial automation is. There are some processes that stand no meaning without automation, which is why there are no second thoughts to the fact that automation is here to stay.

To conclude, the demand for AI is rapidly increasing. Also, the cost incurred in bringing in AI no longer serves to be a barrier. Earlier, only tech giants were in a position to deploy AI. However, today even start-ups are in favour of deploying AI. Artificial intelligence will continue to thrive for the years to come and rearing in every aspect for the same is the best idea to implement.