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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Why Should You Consider an Artificial Intelligence Career in 2022?
Artificial Intelligence Career

Why Should You Consider an Artificial Intelligence Career in 2022?

Choosing an artificial intelligence career would be the best option for tech aspirants in recent years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining lots of traction in current times. This is especially true as it has damaged the bottleneck of human performance, decreased repetitive work, and improved work efficiency in AI companies. As a result, every enterprise across the globe is making plans to leverage AI or has already carried out it in their business, and for this reason, the modern generation is mad about pursuing an artificial intelligence career.

However, enforcing AI also can result in the removal of lots of human jobs. In fact, in areas like medical diagnosis, speech translation, and accounting, AI has outperformed humans in every manner imaginable.


8 significant reasons why AI will create more jobs in 2022

  1. AI will help companies to expand: If AI and machine learning algorithms can accurately use large amounts of big data, it’s going to assist various AI companies to perform better. It may also boom employee retention charges and assist in new client acquisitions. This will create new job possibilities as companies start to expand and benefit the industry as a whole.
  2. AI in Healthcare: Healthcare is one region where there are lots several scopes for AI applications. PwC estimates that it would be one of the biggest initiatives executed through AI, where job possibilities ought to boom by almost 1 million. In the near future, AI-powered healthcare can be available at a scale and on-demand for everyone. Hence, the requirement for AI companies of healthcare technician jobs will see a rising rush.
  3. AI in the Gaming Industry: The gaming industry is one region where AI programs are immense. Right from game design and improvement to in-game operations and maintenance, AI performs an integral role that is reaping large rewards for gaming companies. With virtual reality video games turning pretty popular, companies are bound to invest numerous cash in AI-based systems. Thus, AI developer jobs in gaming may be in excessive demand.
  4. AI in Automated Transportation: AI is already playing a first-rate function in the automated transportation sector. Companies like Uber and Google are making investments of millions of dollars into AI-driven self-driving motors and trucks. As this mode of transportation picks up in the future, it is going to create huge masses of vacancies for AI and machine learning engineers.
  5. AI in Financial Services: Financial services organizations such as banks require AI engineers to broaden systems that can identify and mitigate frauds. They also are using machine learning-based anomaly detection algorithms to reveal transaction requests and identify suspicious activities. Apart from security, AI is being increasingly utilized in monetary marketing. Financial companies are growing systems that can orchestrate consumer trips on their preferred channels and at the right time. Thus, in the financial services sector, the AI job state of affairs is noticeably positive.
  6. AI in Education: PwC’s latest report found that the training sector is poised to attract nearly 200,000 more jobs. The education industry is slowly moving towards e-learning. Concepts including smart content, personalized learning, and different data-driven operations depend heavily on AI. An eSchool News observer indicated that the utility of AI in education can be extended with the aid of 47.5% by 2021. For facilitating such growth, the industry will want to hire lots of AI and machine learning experts.
  1. AI in the Entertainment Industry: AI and machine learning have visible big capabilities in the leisure industry. Streaming carrier corporations like Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu are already using AI technologies in their business models. By figuring out the online conduct of consumers, AI algorithms assist in recommending media that suits the consumer’s preferences. This is simply one of the umpteen use instances that AI provides to this industry.
  2. AI and Digital Assistants: Digital assistants inclusive of Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Bixby have become smarter by the year. Global IT behemoths consisting of Google, Samsung, and Amazon are pouring billions of dollars into making digital assistants carry out complicated tasks. These tasks encompass learning about our everyday routines, speech recognition, and such others. According to Zion market research, by 2025, the worldwide intelligent virtual assistant market will reach US$19.6 billion. This estimate merely shows that a big amount of AI jobs will get generated in this industry.