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Why Should Data Centers Go Green in the Year 2021?

  /  Data Storage   /  Why Should Data Centers Go Green in the Year 2021?
green data center sustainable data center

Why Should Data Centers Go Green in the Year 2021?

Green data centers are designed on the basis of green and clean energy commitments.


Ongoing demand for cloud and Internet services drives the ongoing expansion of the global data center industry. Although development and expansion is often a positive thing from a business point of view, it corresponds to an increase in power output in a data center. It can have detrimental consequences for the environment in the form of power and how it is used.

According to Network World, “IDC predicts the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2017 to 175 zettabytes in 2025, and the amount of energy used by data centers continues to double every four years, meaning they have the fastest-growing carbon footprint of any area within the IT sector.

Technological advancements are difficult to forecast, but several models predict that data center energy usage could surpass more than 10% of the global electricity supply by 2030.

For all of these factors, building green, sustainable, multi-tenant data centers has become important, both environmentally and economically. Green data centers are designed on the basis of green and clean energy commitments.

Green Data Center

A green data center is a business-class computing facility designed, maintained, and run entirely using green computing philosophy. It has the same functional capabilities as a conventional data center, but it consumes less energy, takes up less space, and is built and run in an environment-friendly manner.

The following are the main characteristics of a green data center:

For instance, as per a report of TechHQ, Google not too long ago announced that it would power all of its operations with entirely carbon-free energy by 2030, matching every hour of energy spent at its data centers to carbon-free energy sources. The Alphabet Company does this by harnessing artificial intelligence and sophisticated energy provisioning to match its operations’ workloads with carbon-free energy sources.

The Benefits of a Green Data Center

Reduced environmental effects

In contrast to conventional data centers, green or sustainable data centers use fewer resources and have a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, the latest technology and energy-saving methods can be easily introduced in sustainable data centers. This introduction makes a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions and adverse environmental consequences.

Economic Consequences

Aside from the various environmental advantages that a green data center offers, it also helps data centers minimize costs. While investing in a new-generation design for a green data center would be expensive at first, it would pay off in the long term.

The cost of electricity and fuel needed to operate the data centers has decreased dramatically since the data centers mainly use renewable energy sources (which are free). Furthermore, the green data center has processes to recycle e-waste (such as hardware equipment) from the data centers, which has enabled them with a new revenue stream.

Very little energy is consumed.

The energy consumption performance of the virtual data center has improved. The IT workers can track and manage the equipment from a remote place – thanks to virtualization. It helps data center management to maintain the optimal temperature by using minimal illumination.

Even a small temperature rise will dramatically reduce energy costs, and the virtual data center allows operators to sustain the temperature while using less energy.

The transition from conventional data centers to sustainable data centers is thus crucial for business growth and a greener future, and the trend toward more energy-efficient data centers is increasing. In some nations, such as Ireland, the rising data center economy is already outpacing their energy supplies. Green data centers will become the new industry norm as countries worldwide search for new ways to help continued industry growth.