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Why does the Tech Industry Need More Women Leaders?

  /  Business   /  Why does the Tech Industry Need More Women Leaders?

Why does the Tech Industry Need More Women Leaders?

The number of women leaders is growing through tech Industry and there is a demand for more.

The tech industry has a challenge but also an opportunity when it comes to gender diversity. There’s no point in saying that there is a gender gap in the technology industry. It is opening up to women by attracting them with a better work-life balance; thanks to the remote work opportunities. The tech industry is opening its doors and becoming more welcoming to women, but still, it needs to open up more.

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In the US workforce, 47% are female, and they hold 27% of the leadership position. Plenty of women leaders are shaping various fields, making a remarkable stance in the tech circle, and need more to inspire coming generations.

The importance of female leadership and gender diversity in the tech industry:

According to some studies, companies with female leadership fare far better. The tech industry making progress and an effort to focus on more women representation in companies will help break the barriers. Nowadays tech companies are supporting women to keep their roles rather than quit them due to hurdles like family pressure. And it allows women to take longer maternity leave and be at comfort.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives encouraging women to join the technology industry, by nature, tend to support and pick up roles outside of the job duties, increasing their value to the company they work for, thereby improving the work culture. Additionally, companies also feel responsible for supporting employee resource groups, mentoring females, organizing charity programs and volunteering.

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While females are gaining interest in STEM careers, educating women and encouraging them to be open to careers in STEM from the onset is key.  According to a report, just 23% of people working in STEM roles are female, while only 5% of leadership positions in the technology industry are held by women. Empowering women in urban areas through counselling and STEM education can definitely bridge the gender gap.

According to studies, while women hold 26.5% of executive, senior-level, and management positions in 500 companies, there are still very few women in the middle management and senior leadership roles. Women are underrepresented in tech leadership. Women cite early promotions as more critical than for men. This lack of women representation at higher levels makes the technology industry seem male-dominated, resulting in fewer women pursuing a career in the tech industry.

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And some other report stated that 26% of the women reported they believe that gender still plays a role in the promotion process and 41% of them believe that it is harder for women to be promoted or to get a raise.

Women, to reach their potential and to take on more leadership roles, companies need to encourage workplace diversity. Having women leaders in the tech industry is important because women leaders can change the perception of who can lead and what qualities are necessary to have in a leadership position. Females can break down barriers and show everyone what women can achieve.

Women have higher emotional intelligence that helps them overcome challenges, self-awareness, emotional atonements, humility, authenticity, and at the same time build stronger empathy with others, which helps them make informed decisions. Women in the leadership roles are needed for bringing alternate opinions and perspectives to the table, so that issues that women face can be addressed. For that, we need more women leaders in the board room. Representation of women leaders is important in tech companies to meet and gain from the changing needs of society.