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Welcome to the Era of Robot Novelists, where Creativity is Automated

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Welcome to the Era of Robot Novelists, where Creativity is Automated

Welcome to the Era of Robot Novelists, where Creativity is Automated

The article presents the new era of robot novelists where AI-written books will be ruling

Are you grappling to write a book? Maybe you have been planning to hire a ghost-writer, but there is no surety if it’s worth the money. Well, here is good news: the new technology of AI-written books can do the job for you! Writing is an art and like many others, the future of writing is also in the hands of artificial intelligence. Robot novelists or you can say AI book writer is going to transform the book writing industry and books in the future.

In the coming days, more and more books will be written by machines (robot novelists). These so-called AI book writers use artificial intelligence to generate exciting and entertaining stories. An AI novelist is a computer program that has been basically designed to write a novel or other form of the book. Artificial intelligence technology uses a set of input data, like a collection of articles, and generates a book-length output. It is true that robot novelist are not human beings but they can still produce a book that is indistinguishable from one written by a human author. In fact, the AI book writer may even be able to deliver a better book than a human author, since it is not limited by the same cognitive biases and limitations.

There are already several AI book writer in existence, and they are getting better all the time. Till now, they have mostly been used to create non-fiction AI-written books, but there can be also used to write novels or other types of fiction.  Some AI is simply able to write a novel using a template. Others are already capable of generating a novel themselves from scratch.

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Mostly, robot novelists use a combination of both approaches.

Some of the most advanced AI novelists are capable to write a novel in a way that hits the soul of the readers. This type of AI book writer understands the thoughts and emotions of readers and further applies them to their stories. This type of AI book writer is specifically useful for creating thrillers, horror stories, and romance novels.

If we come to the benefits of an AI book writer, it is really countless. The hardest part of a writing job is often just getting started. Once you have the first draft, it becomes very easy to go back and revise, but getting that first draft can be struggling.

Moreover, coming up with new ideas and keeping your tone and writing consistent throughout the story can also be a challenging task. This is where an artificial intelligence tool can definitely be a huge help. AI-written books have a more personalized writing style that readers like and with accuracy. An AI book writer can take your ideas and turn them into a complete, coherent story. You can then revise it as needed to make it perfect.

People who are struggling to get started on their next book, or are struggling with creativity and quality control, can consider using an AI tool like a, AI content generator or AI writer.