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We Can Only Hope that Picsart’s AI Art Generator Doesn’t Turn Toxic!

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  We Can Only Hope that Picsart’s AI Art Generator Doesn’t Turn Toxic!
Picsart’s AI Art Generator

We Can Only Hope that Picsart’s AI Art Generator Doesn’t Turn Toxic!

Picsart’s AI art generator allows you to create images and ad copy by entering a phrase or paragraph


Digital creation company Picsart has added an AI image generator and an AI writer to help users in creating images and ad copy with a very simple process. The company announced its AI art generator on Wednesday. Picsart says that as text-to-image generators are growing in popularity, it’s bringing one directly into its platform. As with other models, Picsart’s AI art generator allows you to generate images simply by entering a word, phrase, or paragraph. Picsart’s AI art generator is presently available in the Picsart platform on iOS.


Interested people can access the AI image generator by opening the iOS app and tapping the plus sign at the bottom of their screen, to begin with, a new project. After that, users have to scroll down to find out the tool and from there they can select it. Next users can enter a word, phrase, or sentence about the image they desire to create. Or else, one can select from the suggested keywords and tap “Generate image” to see the AI-generated image results. Users can then select their favourite image and continue editing it with other tools of Picsart’s AI art generator.


The new AI writer is developed with the aim to support small business marketers by offering copywriting tools accessible to anyone. This new AI writer includes an ad writer, social media bio creator, rephrase, and marketing slogan maker. You can use it by providing it with a few prompts and then selecting the voice or tone you’re seeking, after which copy is generated in a few seconds. This fantastic feature is right now available via Picsart’s Quicktools.


“Generative AI is a trending and a most powerful new resource for visual creators and anyone who requires content either for personal use or to scale their business can get benefit with the Picsart’s AI art generator,” said Picsart founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan in a press release. He added “There are two huge advantages of this technology: the first is making creativity accessible to new people and the second is increasing productivity for those who already create. The AI art generator we are launching today is the first of many generative AI features we plan to roll out.”


Picsart’s AI art generator is getting attention with its unique features. Picsart is the world’s largest digital creation platform and is listed among the top 20 most downloaded apps. Every month, the Picsart community creates, remixes, and shares billions of visual stories using the company’s powerful and easy-to-use editing tools. The company has amassed one of the largest open-source content collections in the world, including free-to-edit photos, stickers, backgrounds, templates, and more.