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Walking Robot Cars: Taking the Robotics Industry by Storm

  /  Latest News   /  Walking Robot Cars: Taking the Robotics Industry by Storm
Walking robot car, Walking car, Robotics industry, Hyundai, Boston Dynamic.

Walking Robot Cars: Taking the Robotics Industry by Storm

Walking robot car that can perform well on-road and transform at traffic and hurdles is the talk of the town.

The robotics industry is moving faster than expected. Starting from miniature robots that go into blood vessels to ultra-large robots that stand as an icon, the robotics sector is seeing unprecedented growth. So, what next? It is a four-wheeled walking robot car that can serve various purposes.

Robots have been a human friend for a long time. Its growth has taken center stage for the past two decades. Especially in 2020, robots that helped in the healthcare industry were highly recognized. When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and patients had zero connection with the outer world when they were either in isolation or under treatment, robots helped them connect with their family. The robots helped in carrying medicines to them on time. Other than that, versatile robots are also on-demand. Robots that perform many jobs at a time or transform when it is necessary is what the industry is looking forward to. Maybe it sounds very futuristic, but we are already here in the first phase of it. Walking robot car that can perform well on-road, transform at traffic and hurdles is the talk of the town. Even though when the idea is only at the initial stage, robot makers are expecting it to be a breakthrough technology soon.


Hyundai’s dream about walking robot car

Reports have confirmed that car maker Hyundai is on a deal to take over Boston Dynamics from its current owner SoftBank, a Japanese conglomerate for US$921 millionBoston Dynamics is a company focused on mobile robots that tackle some of the toughest robotic challenges. The company combines the principle of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cutting-edge electronics, and next-generation software for high-performance robots equipped with perception, navigation, and intelligence. Hyundai has already shown a huge interest in making walking robot cars. It has succeeded in making wearable robots that help people with lower-limb paralysis walk. Henceforth, the acquisition has brought a wide range of expectations in the future of robotics.

Experts predict that the merger will bring a big improvement to the walking robot cars industry which is in the blooming stage. If the walking robot car comes into effect, it will be a major accomplishment for the company. Walking robot cars is a futuristic technology that could function as a car on the road and switch to different forms according to the situation.

Remarkably, Hyundai has shown interest in the unique robot and unveiled a robo-car concept in 2019. The walking robo-car named ‘Elevate’ was planned to be designed with four legs powered along with wheels which can act both as normal car wheels and enable its legs when necessary. The robotic wheels allow users to drive, walk, or even climb over the most treacherous terrain, which makes it the perfect walking all-terrain vehicle concept after a natural disaster. Elevate uses technology from electric cars and robots. The cars will be of big help in disastrous situations as current rescue robots only work on a flat surface. Ultimately, this is just the beginning of a new world of walking robot cars. If technology becomes successful, it will be a profitable place for many changes.