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Voice gaming

Voice Gaming is all set to revamp the Gaming Industry: Yay or Nay?

Voice gaming technologies are becoming more common, and they’re being used to upgrade old games or build innovative unique ones

Voice gaming is all set to revamp the gaming industry and the effects are quite amusing. Voice assistants are replacing cards and twisted cords to make gaming even more convenient, from bingo and board games to full-fledged adventure stories. With a larger audience to reach, both gaming and non-gaming industries are switching to voice assistants and transforming their products into immersive audio experiences that go beyond the typical Q&A.

The research on whether video gaming is harmful to children is still inconclusive and many researchers agree the risks have been exaggerated. Despite this, many parents are concerned that their kids are spending so much time glued to their smartphones or flat screens. Voice and audio games seem to be a better option for these individuals. As a result, during this pandemic year, family-friendly voice games have soared to the top of the download lists.


What is Voice Gaming?

Voice gaming technologies are becoming more common, and they’re being used to upgrade old games or build innovative unique ones. People are becoming increasingly addicted to this technology and the daily necessities it provides, and are now searching for ways to incorporate it into their leisure activities.

Because of their usability, creating games based on voice control is worthwhile. Sadly, many people in the prime (young) customer demographic of video games are unable to control conventional controllers because of several disorders. Developers should build usability systems that allow players to monitor certain aspects of the game with their voices. Some practices may emerge as a result of these experiments, showing that voice-based control has a role in difficult games.




Risk by Alexa

The game Risk is an outstanding example of how voice assistants can be used to develop existing content. The free Alexa ability introduces an element of possibility to the standard board game. As the voice of luck, Alexa will announce a spontaneous occurrence at the completion of each turn, ranging from a medicinal plant that can be used to cure personnel that can be added to a player’s army to a natural catastrophe that wipes out a section of their power. Alexa adds excitement to the game, which can entice those who have grown weary with it to play it yet again.


Blue’s Clues & You! Listen and Play by Alexa 

This is an excellent example of a game that is both entertaining and educational for families with small children. Kindergarteners can play with Josh and Blue from the show and solve riddles in ten different stories with Nickelodeon’s voice app.


Challenges and Barriers

The biggest challenge for voice and speech games at this point is the fact that the type of input is sluggish than other choices. Even so, processing speed is improving all the time, and it’s entirely possible that a smartphone will be capable of processing audio signals in the near future. As a result, as these approaches become more popular, the human response time is likely to decrease as we become adjusted to this form of control.

It’s interesting to note that voice-based assistants are only truly successful in a few languages, the majority of which are English. Even so, as these developments become accessible in other languages, an increasing number of customers will be ready to experience the voice-based games.

Another significant impediment to the widespread adoption of voice-based games is that video gaming is generally regarded as a solo, quiet pursuit. For instance, no one wants to play a voice-based game during their break at work or travel, despite the fact that most users find time to play during these periods, as per mobile game statistics.