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Virtual Tech Gurus (VTG): Masters of Cloud Transformation and Security

  /  CXO Insights   /  Virtual Tech Gurus (VTG): Masters of Cloud Transformation and Security
Virtual Tech Gurus

Virtual Tech Gurus (VTG): Masters of Cloud Transformation and Security

Virtual Tech Gurus (VTG) is specialized in cloud transformation, security, and migrations. VTG’s automated infrastructure and cloud services are based on their data analytics engine that provides a single repository of information for the entire data center environment including server, storage, physical, virtual, and cloud-based configurations. With their proprietary tool ZENfra and consulting expertise, VTG enables their customer’s cloud transformation journey keeping it seamless and cost-effective. Virtual Tech Gurus is extremely customer-focused from the day of its inception. The mission of VTG is to bring the best business outcomes for their customers with automation and exceptional expertise.

Virtual Tech Gurus provide comprehensive information and cyber security services to analyze the maturity of the information security program, as well as identify gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. The company also helps in handling large volumes of data to enhance cybersecurity posture and data management.

VTG provides four major cloud solutions such as private cloud solutions where cloud specialists help assess the existing data center, then design, implement, optimize and manage cloud with minimal disruption. Companies adopt a phased approach to ensure cloud solutions can be sustained for a long-term. Working with the company’s infrastructure, development, and operational teams, VTG helps in developing a fluid and cohesive solution to leverage the dynamic nature of a cloud.

Hybrid cloud solutions where VTG analyze operational requirements, then design, build and support hybrid cloud using proven technologies such as VMware vRealize Suite, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

If any company offers cloud resources as a service at the retail level, it can use VTG’s standardized controls and mastering process to ensure world-class governance. It will help the business while meeting the strict compliance and security guidelines that customers expect and trust.

A successful cloud solution delivers infrastructure resources quickly and efficiently. To achieve this level of performance, VTG specialists customize cloud solutions using various scripting languages such as APIs, puppet scripting, and DevOps.


Driving Business Efficiency for the Customers by Focusing on Automation

VTG’s CEO Guru Moorthidrives efficiency and business value for their customers by focusing on automation for both internal and customer processes. With his initiatives, VTG’s operations and business processes have transformed the data center information management. This transformation led to the creation and development of ZENfra, their proprietary tool which automates discovery, migration, and management of cloud infrastructure projects.


ZENfra: Future of Cloud Computing

VTG’s ZENfra software application is set to transform the cloud computing solutions, and services industries. Available as either an On Prem or SaaS solution, ZENfra collects data from data center devices and analyzes the current customer infrastructure providing meaningful analytics including equipment aging, cloud cost comparison, compatibility, and tracking for customers to take advantage of the current complex cloud offerings to meet their business needs.

Migrations are an integral part of every digital transformation initiative but can overburden a busy IT staff. ZENfra eliminates complex, time-consuming, and disruptive migration tasks by automating the process. ZENfra also helps lower migration costs by up to 25 % and reduce lead times by 30-40 % as compared to traditional in-house methods.

Effective optimization ensures that the data is up to date, accurate, and available to users. ZENfra simplifies and speeds up optimization by reducing risk in end-of-life systems, automating infrastructure health checks, and improving cloud vendor selection processes.


Importance of Embracing Technologies

Guru believes that with the skills shortage and growth in telecom, 5G, and security threats, people should embrace artificial intelligence and machine learning, and big data to drive actionable analytics and automate both proactive and reactive measures.


A Nimble Player in Cloud Infrastructure Market

VTG internally promotes creativity and innovation to achieve business value. With the invention of patent-pending ZENfra and their partnerships with DELL Technologies, Pure Storage systems, AWS, Azure, and other technologies, they are able to consistently innovate for their customers’ diverse business needs, which keeps VTG a nimble player in the cloud infrastructure market.


Overcoming Challenges

According to Guru, uncertain economic conditions and labor shortages in the tech industry makes it harder to meet customer needs and more difficult to train staff to keep up with the newer technologies. But VTG always stands in the forefront to face any kind of challenges and get par them.


Recognition of Being the Best

In the last four years, VTG had won three DELL Technologies awards. In 2017, they won the “Dell EMC Best Customer Experience Award” in the category of DELL EMC Enterprise Deploy Services. Then in 2018, the “Dell EMC Best Creative Thinking Partner Award” in DELL EMC HES Deployment and Field Service. And in 2020, VTG won the “Dell Technologies Best Value Partner Award” in DELL Technologies Professional and Field Services.


Future of Cloud Computing

As the marketplace continues to demand more fluid and dynamic environments, VTG is looking towards the future where data will be AI-driven to automate and seamlessly move workloads from one cloud to another with containerization.