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Vie Aesthetics: Leveraging the Most Advanced Medical and Cosmetic Solutions for Face, Body, Hair, and Wellness

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Vie Aesthetics: Leveraging the Most Advanced Medical and Cosmetic Solutions for Face, Body, Hair, and Wellness

Vie Aesthetics is a multi-award-winning, doctor-led clinic based in London, with offices in Essex and Germany. The clinic was named ‘Global Aesthetic Practice of the Year’ in the MyFaceMyBody 2020 Global Awards. For the past eight years, under the guidance of a celebrated aesthetic doctor and Medical Director Dr Ioannis Liakas, a highly skilled and specialized team of doctors and therapists offer the latest medical and cosmetic solutions under one roof.


Vie Aesthetics is a luxury brand providing cutting-edge aesthetic treatments with stunning, yet, natural-looking results. The doctors-led team at the clinic specializes in combining advanced non-surgical procedures and world-class top-range products to achieve stunning results for face, body, hair, and wellness. With bespoke, personalized treatment plans, and global award-winning customer care, Vie Aesthetics helps men and women achieve their transformation goals discreetly and subtly.

Celebrities and even royalties from the UK and abroad are among the loyal clients of Vie Aesthetics that value the natural-looking results and all-around expertise and care. The clinic’s combination treatments are renowned in the UK and abroad for delivering bespoke, natural-looking, and refined results.


As a CQC-regulated, Save Face-accredited Medical Establishment, Vie Aesthetics is proud to provide the safest and transparent service with the best customer care. Some of the signature treatments of the clinic include the VIELift, VieStem Face and VieStem Hair, VieStem RF in addition to Life Coaching and a 360-degree Medical Weight Management Clinic and advanced Medical Skincare.


The Slow yet Steady Journey


Vicky Grammatikopoulou, the CEO of Vie Aesthetics was inspired by observing how much her husband, an established NHS consultant, enjoyed his aesthetic medicine work, which he had started alongside his NHS work. He loved the transformations and the impact on his patients’ life quality and confidence, but he did not feel comfortable with the establishments he was offering them through. Vicky’s husband felt more like ‘selling’ the service rather than serving. Hence, he was thinking of giving it up, as he felt compromised as a doctor who wants to uphold his medical standards in everything he does. Seeing how his aesthetics work was such a creative outlet and how it balanced out his very serious work as a leading hospital geriatrician, Vicky wanted to help him continue without having to compromise.


This is when Vicky had the idea of creating a model clinic where her husband could enjoy the creativity of the aesthetic medical work combined with the principles that guide excellence in medical practice. This is how Vie Aesthetics was created. Vicky noticed that as a customer, people would have to choose between either the casual and unregulated context of a beauty salon and the stern and sterile no-frills approach of a medical setting. So, she set herself the task to create a stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable clinic environment that combines outstanding customer care with clinical excellence, safety, and innovation. This marrying of beauty and medicine, together with a holistic approach to health and wellness was at the heart of Vicky’s endeavour.


Vicky launched Vie Aesthetics in 2013 with its first clinic in Essex. She worked with a vision to promote positive body image, self-empowerment and confidence. The goal was to provide top-end, affordable, and innovative aesthetic treatments, and to challenge the alarmingly unregulated landscape of the aesthetics world in England. Vie Aesthetics clinics in London and Essex are now CQC registered and combine the luxury experience and aesthetics of a spa, with the reassuring ambience of a medical clinic.


The Self-supportive Queen on the Chessboard


CEO Vicky Grammatikopoulou started Vie Aesthetics from the ground upwards. When she launched the clinic as a start-up, Vicky had single-handedly conducted every business-related operation. Eight years since its beginning, she has grown the business to a 15 staff clinic with several external contractors. While the team has continued to grow and different departments have formed, Vicky is still very much a hands-on CEO and strives to always have an overview on all levels of operation. She has also retained the role of Brand and Marketing Director. One day Vicky will be working in Vie Aesthetics’ head office working on branding, marketing, and operations, and the next day she will be visiting the company’s different clinics in Holborn and Harley Street, working with its different teams on the patient journey and product displays. Besides, Vicky travels regularly, attending conferences and networking events to discover the latest innovations within the aesthetics industry. 


Whenever Vie Aesthetics introduces a new treatment or product, the customer will know that Vicky has conducted extensive research on whether or not this will be beneficial, not just for the clinic but especially for the clients. Her passion and insights come from visits to industry conferences, exhibitions, and training sessions with suppliers. 


Serving the Customers by Knowing their Preferences and Needs


Vie Aesthetics is one of the key opinion leaders in the aesthetics industry. The company has introduced several innovative and advanced treatments to the UK market, including BOCA Lips, the one-thread lip lift, Endopeel, Seffiller, Endopeel, and VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa and SeffiHair. Vie Aesthetics’ Medical Director Dr Ioannis Liakas is a Key Opinion Leader amongst Aesthetics Practitioners. He is regularly contacted for expert advice on specific trends and offers his opinions on new treatments. Ioannis Liakas was the first doctor in the UK to trial treatment for Hyperhidrosis using a brand-new technology- BodyTite. 


Award-Winning Doctors at the Catalyst of Uniqueness

Vie Aesthetics is a unique company that is run like a business and the team members are treated as a family. The drive behind the clinic’s success not only comes from the incredible treatment by award-winning doctors but also from client and staff loyalty. Vie Aesthetics has members of staff that originally joined the team eight years ago in the old clinic. 


Remarkable Recognitions and Awards


Vie Aesthetics is featured in the elite Tatler Address Book, which features only the most exclusive and luxury clinics and Doctors. The clinic’s success is reflected in its impartial reviews and feedback, and multiple award nominations it has received so far. Some of the recent ones are as follows,

CEO Vicky won the silver award at the Businesswomen awards 2021 in two categories:

 Best Businesswoman in Hair & Beauty 

  •  Excellent customer focus
  • Best Soft Surgery 2021- Global 100
  • Best Soft Surgery Practice for Greater London – Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020

Finalists in three categories at The Aesthetics Awards 2020 with Aesthetics Journal (winners announced 28 May 2021):

 – The GetHarley Award for Medical Aesthetics Practitioner of the Year- Dr Liakas

 – The Intraline award for Best Clinic South England 

 – The Croma award for Best Clinic Reception of the Year 


Employing Technology to Mitigate Emerging Issues


Like any other start-ups, Vie Aesthetics faced challenges from the beginning. However, the clinic’s motto to face difficulty and hit a bump in the road made them get through it. As a female CEO, Vicky has battled gender bias and stereotyping on her journey to get where she is today. Using her teaching background, Vicky was able to confront bias, command her own space, and stick to her principles to overcome this challenge. 


The biggest and most recent challenge Vie Aesthetics faced was the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, even with the restrictions enforced, the clinic was able to continue trading by sending out products and providing virtual consultations, Q&A videos offering advice, and keeping in touch with clients via social media. At the start of the lockdown, Vie Aesthetics was in a robust and safe place to endure the rocky road ahead, however, having a safety net, a Plan B, the ability to adapt fast, and risk assessment constantly have all been life-saving precautions for the company. 


Vicky has a Lot of Bag for Vie Aesthetics’ Future


The future of Vie Aesthetics is anticipated to be promising with the opening of its brand-new London Holborn clinic fast approaching. Expanding the clinic to various locations is a goal for the near future. As Vie Aesthetics expands with more branches, the team members and the recruitment of world-class doctors will also balloon. The company aims to go completely green across each of its clinics and to become a renowned leader in the aesthetics industry by raising the standards for ethics and safety within the industry. Vie Aesthetics also wants to provide education on how individuals can look after themselves.