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Vatican Church Enters Metaverse! It’s About Time Religion Meets Technology

The Pope has embraced Metaverse to enter the Vatican Church through the NFT gallery in 2022

It is official! The Pope has also embraced the new advanced digital world, the Metaverse, in 2022. It is the perfect time for religion to collaborate with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and many more. The Vatican Church has joined the Metaverse through an NFT marketplace with the partnership from Sensorium. The Vatican Church has announced the creation of an official NFT gallery with Humanity 2.0. Let’s explore more about how the Pope wants to adopt the NFT ecosystem and the Metaverse!


Vatican Church and NFT: Religion and Technology are Shaking Hands

The Vatican Church is opening an official virtual reality NFT gallery to promote the art across the digital world of Metaverse. The partnership with Sensorium and Humanity 2.0 has enabled the Pope to eliminate the boundaries that stop people from thriving and cooperating. Humanity 2.0 plays a key role in opening the Vatican NFT gallery in the Web 3.0 era.

The Vatican Church has its own Metaverse plan to introduce religion with technology through the non-profit Vatican-affiliated organization known as Humanity 2.0 and the virtual reality company known as Sensorium. NFT gallery can improve socio-economic and cultural development through leadership, technology, and media.

The official representatives of the Pope have mentioned that this religious NFT will not be available for selling products and other objects because the main domain is social and not commercial. It will be available only to visit and see the popular and amazing artworks, manuscripts, content, academic initiatives, and other Vatican Church collections in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse plan is to explore different ways to democratize art across the digital world in this Web 3.0 era. The Vatican Church is determined to reap the benefits of cutting-edge technologies like NFT and Metaverse. This will eradicate the geographical limitations and will be available to followers who cannot afford to visit the Pope and the Vatican City.

That being said, the world is receiving new experiences in the newly created digital world. Metaverse has attracted global industries such as fashion, retail, and many more. But, for the first time ever, crypto investors and NFT collectors can visit the Vatican-based NFT gallery to continue the legacy of religion by harnessing technology. Humanity 2.0 and Sensorium have made it possible to bring together the Catholic approach and technological approach on the same platform of Metaverse. The increased buzzing of NFT has entered the doors of the Vatican Church to boost younger followers’ engagement efficiently and effectively through digital exhibitions. It will be available as a part of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse and can be accessed with any smart device.