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  /  Cloud   /  Unveiling the strategy behind VMware’s cloud offerings for Big Techs
Cloud Services, VMware, Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft

Unveiling the strategy behind VMware’s cloud offerings for Big Techs

VMware has announced plans to Boost Cloud Adoption


Cloud computing is not a mere buzzword. Any organization associated with either leveraging cloud platforms for clients and customers and organizations using cloud platforms for operations is playing on a very lucrative ground. Cloud platforms have become a major component in organizations earning. With Amazon Web Services, a cloud platform contributing 35% in Amazon’s revenue last quarter, organizations will certainly be acutely inclined towards cloud platforms in the coming years. Gartner has forecasted the global public cloud services market to reach US$257.9 billion from US$242.7 billion in 2020, with a CAGR of 6% in the forecasting period. VMware, a visualization and cloud computing software provider, is already upping its game in cloud services by collaborating with AWS, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure for public cloud services. VMware is already dominating the visualization market, with 84% of the market share. Here are the five components which led to VMware’s dominance as the IT infrastructure monitoring tool. 


Tanzu Support for VMware Cloud on AWS 

 By integrating VMware Tanzu on AWS, the operations and management of Kubernetes clusters will be centralized for VMware cloud. VMware Tanzu is an investment of the company on Kubernetes products and services to modernize applications and infrastructure. 

 Moreover, the report says that over 600 global channel partners have utilized VMware Cloud on AWS service. 


VMware Tanzu Support for Oracle and Microsoft

 Oracle has recently partnered with VMware to deploy Tanzu support offerings in cloud services. Unlike Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, this new collaboration makes Oracle the only provider that allows customers to manage their own VMware stack with native VMware tools. Moreover, Oracle’s design choices have made it possible for the customers to control the environment flexibly. Leo Leung, Oracle’s senior director for products and strategy, said that an innovative cloud architecture is leveraged by the company, which implements isolated bare-metal servers surrounded by perimeter control systems and supported by layer 2 networking.  

Microsoft Azure, another cloud platform, collaborated with VMware solutions for easier and cheaper migration of on-premises applications to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platforms. Moreover, the updated version of Azure VMware Solution assists customers in gaining cloud efficiency and innovations at their own pace with Azure services across security data and artificial intelligence and unified management capabilities.  


CloudHealth of VMware in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

 The company partnered with Oracle last month by leveraging its CloudHealth solutions to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. With this partnership, the customers are provided with extended multi-cloud management. This partnership also ensures customization of dashboards by the customers, identifying trends, forecasts, and future spending by accessing history and detailed computing shape resources.

 Acquired by VMware in 2018, CloudHealth helps businesses strengthen security and compliance while simplifying financial management. 

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