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DevOps, DevSecOps, Software Development, Security Testing, DevSecOps tools

Understanding how DevSecOps is helping to Secure Software Applications

DevSecOps is a system that amalgamates security operations with the development process.


Businesses are heavily pushing for improvising their products and services in accordance with the altering customer demands globally. To meet the demands of the customers, organizations are now utilizing DevOps, which is a set of ideas and practices leveraged by development team and operations team. It is an idea through which the nascent feature in a system goes from development to deployment. A primary function of the DevOps team is coding and security testing, for scalable and flexible software development. However, ensuring the security of the program or the developing app becomes a major challenge for businesses. Hence, DevSecOps is the new technique gaining traction amongst businesses presently.

DevSecOps is a system that amalgamates security operations with the development process. More importantly, it is a technique that bridges the gap between the security team and the development team. Over the years, there has been a shift in the development of software programs. Earlier, software programs were developed according to the requirement of businesses. However, currently, the software is developed to provide a customized experience to the customers. With the introduction of public clouds and Kubernetes, larger applications can be broken down into smaller segment so that they can run smoothly and faster. But with the advancement of software development, the security is not able to keep pace with the speed of the application. Henceforth, DevSecOps is playing a key role to ensure that speed and safety of the software development go hand in hand. It corrects and integrates security testing into the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline, and also helps the developing team to attain skills that are imperative for fixing and testing the security glitch during the software development process.


DevSecOps ensure that the security testing is done by the development team, the security issues related to software development are identified and fixed by the development team and that the development team remains proactive in fixing those glitches. This implies that just like the development team is proactively addressing the issues of software operations, through DevSecOps, they will be able to fix the issues of the security of the software.


DevSecOps Tools

Though this technology is nascent, yet many tools can assist in deploying DevSecOps services. For example, Alerta is an open-source DevSecOps tool that alerts security anomalies across emails. It provides quick visualization and is compatible in using with Prometheus, Riemann, Nagios, and Cloudwatch.

Contrast Assess is another interactive application security testing tool that monitors the code and report from inside the applications. By installing Contrast Assess, the development team can fix vulnerabilities without requiring the security experts.



For a growing business, DevSecOps is extremely imperative for ensuring the safety and security across the software development process. Glitches in apps and software are amongst the major reason for the low customer base. Henceforth, to ensure that customers are willing to use and buy services and products, enterprises must deploy DevSecOps in the software development process.