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  /  Latest News   /  Twitter Algorithms Might be Manipulative but Snoop Dogg’s Jokes Aren’t Helping Either

Twitter Algorithms Might be Manipulative but Snoop Dogg’s Jokes Aren’t Helping Either

Manipulative Twitter algorithms and the viral tweet from Snoop Dogg are creating concerns

The trending microblogging site, Twitter, continues to occupy the world of news but is it for the right reasons? After a much-publicized and much-discussed issue of an “imminent” takeover by Elon Musk, which has proved to be not so instantaneous eventually, it was thought that the platform will be spared for some time in the media. But it is not so. Right now, Twitter is under the limelight for two unrelated factors. First, Elon Musk has dropped another bomb accusing the Twitter algorithms of being “manipulative”. Second, in a tweet, Snoop Dogg, the famous American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur has expressed his “intention” to buy Twitter as the Musk deal has not yet been materialized. The first one may be a very serious allegation and the other may be a pure joke to generate some funny feeling, but the fact is that neither of the two is really adding to the credibility of the beleaguered microblogging site.

Let us note Elon Musk’s revelation about the manipulative Twitter algorithm. Musk has left no stone unturned to expose Twitter’s faults on various counts, be it regarding the maneuvering of the contents or be it that of technology. With the passing of time, he has become more specific, pointing out that he wants to make Twitter free of spambots. Elon Musk’s most recent revelation has been that the legal cell of this microblogging site has accused him of violating a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by revealing that the sample size for the platform’s checks on automated users was 100. As his now-viral tweet goes, “Twitter legal just called to complain that I violated their NDA by revealing the bot check sample size is 100!” This was part of Musk’s team’s effort to identify by a simple random sampling process the extent of bots on the microblogging site.

Snoop Dogg at the other end has been no less specific than Musk in unleashing the Twitter joke. He has announced that he would replace the existing Board of Directors of the company with Jimmy from corner fish fury, Tommy Chug, and the guy with a ponytail on CNBC, namely, Pete Najarian. Snoop Dogg also promised to make some sweeping changes to Twitter by introducing free-of-cost internet on planes (“as 29 dollars per hour is bullshit”), and giving the users verified accounts and even blue checkmarks. He stated: Even those bots with 10 letters in their name that hit you in DMs n just say “Hello”. Snoop Dogg has also expressed hope that people will contribute to his Twitter takeover bid by providing new ideas. Not being someone to be left behind, Musk was quick enough to send a fire emoji as an appreciation of Dogg’s tweet.

Snoop Dogg’s joke is simply a joke as he is financially no match to Elon Musk. But this kind of joke, that too with a positive reaction from Musk, does not add to the credible image of Twitter in any way. Nor does Musk’s allegation about the Twitter algorithm, which he also appended with a sarcastic remark that “the bots are angry” with him. All this is raising speculation that Musk may not be as eager as he earlier was, or at least as he had appeared to be, in taking over the hottest microblogging site, Twitter.