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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Turn Your Voice to Taylor Swift’s in Real-time with this New AI Tool
AI Tool

Turn Your Voice to Taylor Swift’s in Real-time with this New AI Tool

Taylor Swift or Morgan Freeman? This AI tool can transform your voice into any of your favorite personalities

If you have aspired to sing like Taylor Swift in your childhood, the time has come to fulfill that dream. If you aspire to act like Morgan Freeman with his quality of voice, now you can! The latest artificial intelligence model can help you achieve the dream to have a voice like your favorite celebrity. This new AI tool is known as Voicemod which can transform your voice into any persona. Voicemod has become a popular real-time voice changer or voice technology with eight options for voice transformation.

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The Voice Technology Behind Voicemod

Voicemod has started leveraging artificial intelligence to become the latest AI tool with effective voice technology. It has been transforming voices with new voice effects as an AI tool. The sound effects are enough realistic to feel like that character is present in a room speaking with everyone present. Eight characters include Beta, Alice, Astronaut, Bob, Morgan, Mothership, Pilot, and the Visitor.

Users can have the voice of Taylor Swift or any other character through the voice processor in real-time. They can stream on Twitch or prank calls with friends and family on Discord. The data is generated through English-speaking professional voice actors with all the characteristics matching the voice in Voicemod. These voice actors read scripts for effective data generation for artificial intelligence models. This AI tool offers dynamic effects, filters, as well as background music.

The main version of Voicemod is currently available only on a personal computer along with the mobile apps for anyone to use the AI tool to become Taylor Swift or Morgan Freeman. The target audience of Voicemod includes live streamers, content creators, and the entertainment industry to mimic voices with the updated voice technology. The AI tool is also known for creating a constant online voice identity for different purposes to make life easier with voice technology.

Voicemod is gaining popularity among people who suffer from voice disorders. The voice technology in the AI tool helps in enhancing the pitch, quality, as well as loudness with regular practice. It helps to gain confidence and transform into a different persona by unlocking this new voice technology. Users can bring out their creativity in voice modulation efficiently and effectively.

Hence, Voicemod is focused on harmonics, formants, resonance, inflection, articulation, and many more with this voice technology. The official website has mentioned some tips on how to use this AI tool. The tips include speaking in English, speaking clearly, avoiding background noise, breathing quietly, and practicing more and more. Users can leverage Voicemod to create unique sonic identities to allow seamless interactions with personalized sound effects.