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  /  Bitcoin   /  Treating Bitcoin as a Religion: Turning Digital Currencies into God
Bitcoin as a religion

Treating Bitcoin as a Religion: Turning Digital Currencies into God

Inside the world of the crypto community that considers Bitcoin as a religion.

 Bitcoin is now one of the hottest digital currencies in the global cryptocurrency market as well as the global financial sector for the last few years. The current price of Bitcoin is running at US$44K in 2022 while it reached US$60K in 2021. As per the Twitter account of Bitcoin, it consists of 4.52 million followers while according to Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, there are 106 million Bitcoin owners across the world with 200 million Bitcoin wallets. Now currently, there have been speculations that crypto investors creating their own God— Bitcoin. There is a growing Bitcoin religion that has millions of followers. Let’s dig deep into this newfound thought to consider Bitcoin as a religion.


Inside the World of the Bitcoin Religion

Bitcoin had its inception 12 years ago without any third-party intervention and government authority. The brand value increased at this high-level owing to the faith of crypto investors who own BTC. There is a mysterious creator with fanatical devotion from millions of followers. So, this ever-growing community of BTC investors has started to consider Bitcoin as a religion in this modern global financial market with this unseeable currency in their digital wallets.

The Bitcoin craze has successfully turned this digital currency into God. There is a place on the internet known as the Church of Bitcoin. It considers that the Bitcoin religion will allow achieving the mission of trading without any central authority. They consider the creator of Bitcoin as the Prophet Satoshi Nakamoto while embracing the open-source philosophy, as well as the freedom of information. Crypto investors do not know whether Nakamoto is the actual name of the Bitcoin creator or it is a team of individuals. But this Bitcoin religion is flourishing across the world owing to its charisma, mystery, and the characteristic of an economic rebel.

Yes, it is a bit bizarre to understand why crypto investors are making a God out of this crypto in the financial sector. But it is safe to say that they believe Bitcoin is a powerful and transformative religion. They have also started a current trend of a diet lifestyle known as Bitcoin carnivory with a motto “Use only Bitcoin, eat only meat”. This helps to reap the benefits of this digital currency in three different forms— spiritual, financial, and physical. Budapest also shows the status of the so-called Prophet Nakamoto in the form of a bronze statue.

Some investors have expressed that religion cannot be considered as an investment (short/long-term) with digital currencies. It might seem like an irrational concept to several other BTC investors, but many other relatable concepts have surfaced that consider Bitcoin as a religion, for example, stacking sets in Bitcoin is similar to tithing in churches. There is a belief among Christians that an inevitable miracle came with the return of Jesus. Meanwhile, despite being a highly volatile and risky digital cryptocurrency, investment in this Bitcoin religion will be justified with a hefty profit in the nearby future.

That being said, there are multiple definitions of making a new religion in any culture or sector. But, considering Bitcoin as religion can be considered as a cult of crypto investors who are loyal to this digital currency in the cryptocurrency market. It is true that Bitcoin is experiencing an economic phenomenon including countries like El Salvador creating a Bitcoin city and almost all sectors accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payments.