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Top Voice Enabled AI Assistant in Use in 2021

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Top Voice Enabled AI Assistant in Use in 2021

You can use these AI voice assistants in 2021.

AI assistant or AI virtual assistant or digital assistant is a program that understands voice commands. It utilizes Natural language processing to understand and perform tasks given by users in natural language. Companies are working on replacing every human task with a machine through automation. AI applications are aiming to replace secretaries and personal assistants that perform tasks such as reading text and taking dictation, finding phone numbers and placing calls, emailing schedules and meeting reminders, and others.

The landscape of AI-powered virtual assistance is highly competitive and reports indicate that it is facing stiff competition. Now that you are clear about the potential of AI, let’s review the 10 best AI apps for 2019.



Apple’s Siri is one of the most famous AI personal assistants and has the most popular AI apps. She uses natural language user interface (UI) and voice queries to function. She can perform functions such as:

  1. Make calls and send text messages
  2. Answer questions and offer recommendations
  3. Dictate location and read weather reports
  4. Delegates requests to several Internet services and so much more.



Microsoft’s Cortana is another widely popular AI assistant. Cortana uses the Bing search engine, NLP, and data from devices to offer personalized recommendations. It has APIs that work with various Windows and 3rd party apps.

Functions performed by Cortana include:

  1. Hands-free help
  2. Answers questions
  3. Provides reminders and keeps notes
  4. Takes care of tasks
  5. Helps in managing the calendar


Google Assistant

Google Assistant was launched in 2016, It is an AI voice assistant from Alphabet-owned Google. It’s one of the most advanced virtual assistants. Google Assistant uses natural language processing and supports text-based and voice-based entry.

Its offers various functions and services:

  1. Voice commands and searching
  2. Voice-activated device control
  3. Helping with tasks and finding information online
  4. Sending reminders and making appointments
  5. Translating in real-time



Alexa is an AI-powered virtual assistant from Amazon also commonly known as Amazon Alexa. She has become widely popular and was available on 60,000 devices as of May 2019 and 100 million devices as of April 2019. To perform several tasks, Alexa uses programs such as voice interaction, voice queries, natural language processing, and many others.

She can perform tasks including:

  1. Music playback and play audiobooks
  2. Create to-do lists
  3. Set up alarms
  4. Stream podcasts
  5. Real-time information on weather
  6. Real-time information on traffic
  7. Real-time information on news and sports



Bixby is an AI assistant by Samsung. She can carry out a full range of interactions and is contextually aware and takes the actions based on your requests. It is similar to other AI solutions such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as it listens to your voice, interprets the information, and returns the resulting action.

She can perform tasks including:

  1. Tailored information on weather and news articles
  2. Set meetings reminders
  3. Makes calls and sends messages
  4. Personalized answers depending on who asks
  5. Turn on the air conditioner
  6. Switch off lights
  7. Change the TV channel and wallpaper on command
  8. Take selfie
  9. Auto shares pictures on Facebook