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  /  Latest News   /  Top Smart Home Devices to Look Out for in 2021
Smart home devices

Top Smart Home Devices to Look Out for in 2021

A list of the top smart home devices that you can buy right now.

Smart home devices are swiftly gaining traction as a must-have product category, particularly among enthusiasts. The ability to control various components of your home using merely a phone app or voice commands will only become more prevalent in the future.

These are also fantastic gifts for that tech-savvy friend that you never know what to get them. With connected gadgets now becoming a key part of most tech companies in India, there are a lot more reasonable options on the market.

We’ve compiled a list of devices that we consider are the best smart home gadgets you can buy right now to help you get started on your smart home adventure.


August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August’s smart lock is an excellent way to secure your home. It attaches quickly and easily to existing deadbolts, allowing you to keep using your keys without having to uninstall anything. Then, via voice activation or smart devices like phones and watches, it connects to the internet and can lock or unlock the door remotely. Through the August app, you can easily send safe digital keys to family, friends, or even the housekeeper.


Google Nest Hub Family

If you like Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa, Google’s Nest Hub range of speakers and smart displays is a good choice.  The big Google Home Max offers a truly room-filling sound, while the Google Nest Hub Max is an attractive, bright smart display that puts Google’s services front and center. The smaller Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and Nest Hub are all good, with less expensive options for placing Google Assistant in every room of the house.


Arlo Q

The 1080p camera on the Arlo Q provides outstanding video quality day and night, as well as reliable motion detection sensors and a customizable scheduling option. The best part is that you receive a week’s worth of video storage for free, so you can go back and watch your footage several days later in case you misplace something or need to check something else. As a result, the Arlo Q is the top pick for the finest home security camera.


Philips Hue

The Philips Hue starter package includes four A19 60W LED smart bulbs as well as the Hue Bridge, which allows you to control the lights in your home using the Hue app. You can select from a vast array of customizable lighting options, including millions of color variants and 50,000 hues of white alone.


Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is one of the greatest smart home devices since it has the best recording quality of any of the top video doorbells. It also has a great microphone and speaker. When someone walks to your door, the Nest camera can detect them and even announce them. If you have a smart lock, you can use this function to let individuals you trust into your home even if you aren’t there to let them in.


Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Smart thermostats automatically regulate the temperature in your house, lowering heating and cooling costs and assisting in the achievement of ideal climate conditions throughout the year. The Ecobee with Voice Control, which is ultra-sleek, received high honors for adaptability. You may operate it with your voice with the built-in Alexa speaker, as the name suggests. Sensors in specific rooms, such as a nursery or a home office, allow you to monitor and manage the temperature.


Amazon Echo

The smart speaker is at the heart of your smart-home setup. It can play music and provide news and weather updates, but it’s most useful for controlling your other smart-home appliances. Simply say, “Alexa (or “Hey, Google,” if you prefer the Google ecosystem), switch on the lights,” while standing near your speaker.