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Cover Story : Euro Exim Bank

Euro Exim Bank: Harnessing Disruptive Technologies to Transform Financial Service Offerings

NEuro Exim Bank (EEB) is an international financial institution headquartered in St. Lucia in the West Indies, holding a Class ‘A’ license, with a representative office in London.EEB is expanding operations with offices being established in Singapore, Chennai and Dubai, positioned to take advantage of the continued rise in trade between the Middle East and the Far East and building sales resources in Africa and India. The company provides financial instruments for importers such as LC’s and SBLC’s......

Top Revolutionary Tech Companies of the Year 2020

Enviroo: Delivering Cutting-Edge Sustainable Solutions in the Plastic Recycling Industry

Enviroo recycles plastic adhering to regulatory standards, encompassing every strand of the circular economy recycling model. The company merges social impact with technology innovation to create a better environment – both for today and future generations.Enviroo’s main focus is on the PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) and creating food grade polymers that go back into food packaging and reforming bottles.....

Hindsait: Transforming the Healthcare Industry with Innovative Artificial Intelligence Platform

Hindsait is a leading AI technology company offering better healthcare by enabling improved quality of care and prevention of unnecessary services, errors, and fraud. Hindsait was founded with the core mission to eliminate unnecessary healthcare and to address inefficiencies and wastages that costs the US healthcare system a whopping US$1.2 trillion each year......

i.LECO: Delivering Advanced Energy Solutions to Achieve Sustainable Energy Goals

i.LECO is a young, international, and driven team with a rich historical experience of rounded and value-added complex smart energy projects and products. The company believes in the evolution towards a fully sustainable energy society. With this vision, i.LECO’s mission is to enable intelligent local energy communities through innovative software solutions to create economic and ecological value for all people and companies. In that effort, the company works on the future for people and their offspring.....

Modex: Delivering Cutting-Edge Technology to Transform Enterprises Digitally

As a software development company specialized in delivering cutting-edge solutions that make blockchain technology affordable, Modex is offering a new level of trust and cyber protection for the all-important data and storage mechanisms that define an enterprise engaged in the digital society....

Sportradar: revamping sports betting with data powered by cutting-edge technologies

Paracosma is an Augmented and Virtual Reality Company entirely focused on the 3D revolution that is happening in technology right now. Computing is currently undergoing a major transition from 2D to 3D systems. This is enabling entirely new industries, from Additive Printing (3D Printing) in manufacturing where a computer file can become a real object, to spatially-aware autonomous vehicles......

Telness: Embracing Opportunities using Modern technologies for the Telecom Industry

Telness is a telecom company challenging the traditional telecom and mobile providers and setting new standards in terms of technology, innovation, and customer experience. In short, the company offers a SaaS telecom platform for operators, and has built itself as a mobile operator targeting small enterprises that use its tech platform situated in Sweden. Telness was founded with a mission to change the standards and perceptions of the mobile operator. In most countries, an operator is perceived as a tedious, complicated profession and associated with the experience of dealing much hassle for the customers....

Women In Trucking Association: Encouraging Women to Foster Gender Diversity in Transportation

The Women In Trucking Association is a non-profit organization with over 5,200 members around the world. The company’s mission is to increase the number of women employed in the trucking industry, address obstacles and challenges that might keep women from succeeding in the industry, and celebrate the success of its members. Formed in March 2007 as a 501(c)(6) organization, Women In Trucking Association offers many resources to its members, such as its annual conference, webinars, networking events, a weekly e-newsletter, and its magazine, Redefining the Road...

Woven: Simplifying Recruitment Activities for Better Organizational Hiring

In today’s job market, one’s resume may fail to make an impact, let alone create an impression in the minds of the recruiters, or worse, it may be flawed with falsehood and misleading facts. Applicants may run the risk of being overlooked due to inherent biases of the human mind. Woven is a leading technology-based company that provides technical assessment tests through its evidence-based developer hiring platform for organizations to procure the best technical candidates, including what the company calls as ‘Hidden Gems’ who would usually go overlooked in the interview process....