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Top Restaurants Leveraging Chatbots in 2021 to Enhance Experience

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Top Restaurants Leveraging Chatbots in 2021 to Enhance Experience

Global Tech Outlook features the top restaurants leveraging chatbots in 2021 for efficient service

Chatbots are the new virtual assistants for enhancing customer experience in multiple industries like healthcare, retail, financial services, and many more. Now, restaurants have started leveraging chatbots in the tech-driven market to simulate human-like conversations with foodies through text messages. Chatbots are promoting the customer-first culture across the world to transform the interaction with customers. Foodies can use chatbots for ordering food from eminent restaurants and can also ask any concerns or doubts related to any food item of that particular restaurant. AI-enabled chatbots for restaurants can help customers to book a table efficiently and effectively within a short period of time.

There are many applications of AI-enabled chat-bots for restaurants at any website, social media platforms or in-restaurant mobile apps such as promotions of exciting deals and offers to entice existing customers, better ways to present the menu with on-spot recommendations, right choices for the right customers, connect with loyal customers for feedback, as well as much easier home deliver or takeaway services. Let’s explore some of the top restaurants leveraging chat-bots in 2021 to enhance customer experience.


Top Restaurants Leveraging Chatbots in 2021

Domino’s: Domino’s is one of the top restaurants leveraging chat-bots known as Dom to order from the existing menu. Tech-savvy customers can use this chatbot for ordering food when Dom itself will ask for any order, takeout or delivery and personal information to place the specific order. This chat-bot has reduced the pressure from the website, phone number and mobile app of Domino’s.

Starbucks: Starbucks has launched its personal chat-bot known as My Starbucks Barista to adopt this cutting-edge technology like AI to enhance customer experience. It allows customers to order and pay through voice-based computing. Customers can also modify their previous orders through this AI-enabled Chat-bot.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut asked pizza-lovers for ordering pizzas with different tastes and preferences by leveraging a chatbot for ordering food. This AI-enabled chat-bot can take orders from customers who have Pizza Hut accounts to streamline the process while enhancing accuracy in orders and reducing waiting times.

TGI Friday: TGIF has employed a chat-bot for ordering food to enhance customer experience. This AI-enabled chatbot can find nearby branches, make reservations and place takeaway orders efficiently. TGIF is one of the top restaurants leveraging Chat-bot that shows the full menu with prices and redirects to the official website for payment transactions.

KFC: KFC India has started utilizing an AI-enabled voice chatbot that is built on Amazon Alexa for automating the food ordering process. This chatbot is smart to understand what the customer wants and try to complete the order process in an automated and seamless manner. But this chat-bot for ordering food is robotic and consists of one-way communication without giving any self-input.

McDonald’s: McDonald’s is one of the popular restaurants with a chat-bot to answer different questions and transfer the call to the right employee, if needed. This chatbot is known as Chatbot Gaia that provides recommendations, responds to complaints and books a reservation according to vacancies.