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  /  Latest News   /  Top Points to Rethink Before Engaging in Rapid Cloud Expansion
Rapid cloud expansion

Top Points to Rethink Before Engaging in Rapid Cloud Expansion

Ensure certain points before engaging in rapid cloud expansion in Industry 4.0

Organizations have rapidly started integrating cloud computing into their businesses for adopting digital transformation efficiently. Yes, cloud computing can reshape specified business processes with its smart functionalities. But there are key points to rethink before engaging in rapid cloud expansion with different clouds such as public, private, hybrid and multi. There are both sides of engaging in rapid cloud expansion— risks as well as benefits. Thus, organizations should not hurry in the process of integrating cloud computing to be in the trend of the global market. Let’s explore some of the top points to rethink before engaging in rapid cloud expansion.


Points to rethink before engaging in rapid cloud expansion

Insufficient access management

Cloud computing is not always a proficient in providing access management in different cloud infrastructures. Employees or students can get access to any document or material from any place across the world. But this loose access management control is insufficient to prevent the entry of cybercriminals. This weak link is highly beneficial for cybercriminals to attack with ransomware and malware. Thus, the insufficient access management can invite data breaches at any point of time.


Introduction to misconfiguration

Misconfiguration in cloud computing is one of the top points to rethink before engaging in rapid cloud expansion. There are high chances to commit mistakes in the configuration process while getting engaged in rapid cloud expansion. Misconfiguration can offer cybercriminals to enter and commit data breaches efficiently. Organizations must be very careful to before starting the process of rapidcloud expansion.


Faster ways for data loss

Engaging in faster ways for rapid cloud expansion can create a plethora of opportunities for data loss in an organization. The faster process can modify, edit, delete, and restrict data without any knowledge or by mistake. The unintentional mistake can cost a major loss worth millions of dollars while transitioning to multiple types of clouds. Thus, this is one of the top points to rethink before engaging in rapidcloud expansion.


Enhanced security risks

Rapid cloud expansion instigates organizations to take faster time to decommission applications. It may happen to forget or overlook important things like turning off permissions and functionalities of different unused applications. This can lead a way to enhance security risks from cybercriminals that may get out of control of the radar of the network as well as the security teams because integrating cloud computing is a new thing to the organization.


Complexity in workflows

Rapid cloud expansion can provide complexity in workflows due to the heterogeneity of different clouds. Organizations need to put more manual effort to manage the complexity and create a powerful security infrastructure to track and manage data flows and data breaches. It is very difficult to maintain a strict security policy, security options, and monitoring security settings while engaging in the rapid cloudexpansion.

Thus, an organization needs to embrace the cloud computing technology in a slow and steady process to look after all these above-mentioned points. These are the points to rethink before engaging in rapid cloudexpansion to avoid the high risk of data loss to cybercriminals.