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cloud computing courses

Top Online Cloud Computing Courses of 2021

Land a career in cloud computing with these amazing online courses.

As more and more businesses turn to the cloud for their infrastructure and service needs, Cloud Computing is becoming an essential skill for any software developers or IT professionals.

If you work in technology, cloud computing will have an impact on you in some way, regardless of your role.

It’s also easier than ever to master cloud computing nowadays. You may take a variety of cloud training courses online. Learning cloud computing at home has the advantage of allowing you to learn new skills whenever it is appropriate for you.


Here are the top online cloud computing courses you can watch out for this year:

Getting Started with Cloud Computing – Level 1 

This is a course for people who are new to cloud computing and wish to learn everything from the ground up. The course covers not only the principles of cloud computing and the evolution from traditional IT to cloud services, but also its key features. One can learn about cloud computing service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), cloud deployment models (private, public, hybrid, community), and the benefits of public cloud services.


Essential Cloud Infrastructure

This is a two-week beginner’s crash course. Using Google Cloud Platform with Compute Engine is one of the main topics you’ll learn about in this class. Through a series of presentations, experiments, and lectures, you’ll learn how to use this platform. This online cloud computing course focuses on cloud architects and the work they conduct in terms of infrastructure design.


Cloud Computing Concepts

This course will assist you in grasping the critical ideas of Cloud Computing. It explains how the traditional IT environment works and how Cloud Computing differs from it. You’ll learn about several models of Cloud Computing, the leading Cloud Computing platforms, comparisons between the platforms.


Leveraging Cloud Computing for IoT

This course is for anyone interested in learning more about how to combine the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. The course covers the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its devices, as well as how to connect them to the cloud. The course is focused on IoT-related tools from AWS and Azure.


Cloud Computing Management

The University System of Maryland and edX collaborated on this intermediate-level course. It is part of edX’s MicroMasters program in Cloud Computing.

This top online cloud computing course focuses on common management difficulties that arise while adopting cloud computing. Learners will be better ready to assist firms in adapting to cloud computing by recognizing potential implementation challenges.


Introduction to Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

Mark Nunnikhoven, an expert author, will teach you about AWS and how to deploy a web application on it in this training course. This course is intended for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of Amazon Web Services. You will be completely competent in constructing your own web applications on AWS after completing this computer-based training course.


Considering a Career in Cloud Computing?

Cloud Academy’s introductory courses will assist you in determining a viable career path in cloud computing. Its goal is to help you grasp the fundamentals of cloud computing. You will also learn about a variety of job options. You’ll learn about the three major cloud platforms in depth. Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Service are all examples of this.