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Micro data center

Top Micro Data Center Companies in the World

These micro data center companies are the most popular ones.

The micro mobile data center market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 6.5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.6% during the forecast period. The micro mobile data center is a self-contained infrastructural design achieved by integrating the storage, processing, and networking modules required to run indoor and outdoor applications in a secure computing environment. Micro mobile data centers are available in standardized prefabricated sizes that enable the data center owners to save their capital investment and the time needed in building data centers by the traditional approach.



Headquarters: Colorado Springs, Colo.

CEO: Bill Miller, who previously co-founder and CTO of Storage Networks

The company provides hyper-converged infrastructure, micro cloud, and micro-data-center services. Axellio’s MicroData Center Platform uses ultra-high-performance components like GPUs and NVMe storage devices. The platform includes dual Intel dual-CPU server modules and dual-ported NVMe SSDs integrated with NVMe on PCIe fabric. Current versions feature up to 88 cores, 2TB of RAM and 1PB of flash storage in a 2U form factor.


Compass Datacenters

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

CEO: Chris Crosby, former senior vice president of Digital Realty Trust

This company provides cloud, SaaS, colocation and edge data-center modules. Compass entered the edge data-center market in 2018 through its acquisitions of two startups: EdgePoint Systems, which developed edge data centers; and BitBox USA, which provided monitoring and control software for edge facilities. Compass EdgePoint data centers have a 12-rack capacity and are housed in a hardened shell. They can be located in constrained environments such as easements and rooftops, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled through BitBox software.



Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

CEO: Hugh Carspecken, who was formerly Director of Master Network Integration Solutions for Fujitsu

DartPoints builds micro and edge data centers that are designed to function together as one logical data center. DartPoints’ proprietary Service Orchestration Platform not only joins micro data centers into one virtual, holistic data center, but it also grants end users access to a range of edge services, from edge collocation to connectivity to bare-metal solutions. The platform is designed to scale on demand, and it integrates with existing business processes to unify operations from the field to the back office.



Headquarters: Herndon, Va.

CEO: Randy Brouckman, previously CEO of Wade Capital Group and COO of Iridium

The company provides data-center and connectivity solutions for the edge. EdgeConneX has deployed more than 40 edge data centers throughout North America, South America and Europe. These data centers are purpose-built for service-provider customers to deliver content, provide cloud services and offer SaaS in locations that are under served by traditional data-center giants. It also offers what it calls “MicroEdge” data centers. These enable enterprises to roll out emerging technologies like IoT, smart city and autonomous-vehicle services in close proximity to end users. The startup’s EdgeOS software is a self-service management application that gives customers visibility into data-center operations across all EdgeConneX facilities.



Headquarters: Golden, Colo.

CEO: Mike Hagan, former VP of colocation and cloud for Schneider Electric

EdgeMicro provides micro-data-center technologies and services. EdgeMicro’s micro data centers – “Edge Colocation Data Centers” – are complete modular data centers that include an IT computing stack, redundant cooling, fire suppression, biometric security and CCTV surveillance that can be deployed at any fiber-aggregation site. EdgeMicro also offers colocation services from its edge data centers, the first of which was built in Denver. EdgeMicro has initiated the rollout of 30 more micro data centers, which are planned for tier-two sites across the U.S., including Buffalo, Cleveland, El Paso, New Orleans and Kansas City.