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IT companies

Top IT Companies in India Paying a Fortune to Tech Workers in 2022

IT companies are gaining popularity for paying lucrative salaries to tech workers.

IT companies are always busy with recruiting process with salaries of tech workers in lucrative packages per annum. Cutting-edge technologies and programming languages have increased the need for tech workers with sufficient skills and knowledge. The work of techies in IT companies is not easy but interesting as well— working with machines, effective data management, ensuring customer satisfaction, and so on. Let’s explore some of the top IT companies in India set to pay a fortune to tech workers in 2022.


Top IT companies in India with high salaries of tech workers



Google is known as the top IT company across the world with amazing job opportunities, workspace, and creative opportunities. Tech workers always want to join Google as it is one of the lucrative IT companies in India. Google is popular for paying 40% more salaries of tech workers than other IT companies in the world. It just needs sufficient knowledge and work experience to be creative in different departments.



Adobe is a well-known IT company for its software design for multiple purposes of an organization. Tech workers prefer to work with Adobe applications in other companies. Meanwhile, this IT company recruits freshers and provide salaries of tech workers within a range of Rs.7 lakhs to Rs.14 lakhs per annum.



Microsoft is one of the top IT companies in India with high salaries of tech workers. Tech workers dream of working in this IT company for gaining creative work experience and high-paying opportunities. Tech workers can receive a salary range from Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.18 lakhs for being a tech consultant in India. Though it needs multiple years of work experience to recruit expertise in fields, the workplace and opportunities to show off the skills are worth it.



Amazon is the top and leading e-Commerce and IT company in the retail sector in recent years. It is gaining popularity for covering multiple cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cloud computing, IoT, and many more. It has provided a plethora of opportunities to tech workers to show the creative side for this IT company. The average salaries of tech workers vary on positions and experience, from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.27 lakhs but it pays the highest salary to software engineers.



Apple is a very well-known IT company in India with lucrative salaries for tech workers as well as products and services for customers. Tech workers always want to work with this IT company for exposure, experience, and workplace. It is said that the average annual salary for tech workers is Rs.21.5 lakhs and the range is between Rs.7 lakhs to 15 lakhs for positions such as software engineer, software developer, Siri grading analyst, site reliability engineer, and many more.



NVIDIA is one of the IT companies with an average salary range from Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.62 lakhs for a large variety of positions and employees. The hiring process is challenging because the IT company wants to hire the best and most talented tech workers to join the team full of expertise. It is known for paying a good stipend to interns as well who are aspiring software engineers, systems software engineers, machine learning engineers, design engineers, and so on.