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Cover Story : Rodney Peyton

Rodney Peyton: A Leading Surgical Coach Providing Exemplary Leadership Principles

Leadership is the ability to influence thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors of others and guide them towards a common goal. Mr. Rodney Peyton is an exemplary figure of a great leader. An OBE, MD, consultant trauma surgeon, he is the world’s number one surgical coach whose unique systems and techniques are recognized and followed worldwide by trainee surgeons and experienced consultants who are open to expanding their horizons....

Top Inspiring Business Leaders Making Difference in 2021

Boris Arciniegas: Supporting Business Goals through Innovative Technology Solutions

Technology is a dynamic aspect of the enterprise world today. Just when we have the latest and best piece of technology, the industry is hit by a new and smart iteration. To prevent any of these technology problems, it is important to recognize the basic IT problems in the workplace. One such company that has revolutionized technology solutions through the concept.....

Sustainability Is the Future Says Sydney’s Award-Winning Young Entrepreneur Leigh Rust

Leaders look up to other leaders and have appreciation for their work in taking the industry forward. Trusted by Australian entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and industry experts alike, Leigh Rust is the Co-Founder and Director of Safetyline Jalousie Louvre Windows, an Australian manufacturing business.As a passionate advocate for locally made goods, he is the driving source behind the companies mission to improve the built environment and make communities healthier through high ....

Leading the Market by Establishing and Transforming Contact Center Operations for Global Organizations

Outsourcing has gained a lot of attention recently as more companies leverage BPOs. From industry titans to small players, everybody is looking for a beneficial source of business by outsourcing their operations. Presenting the customers with a functional resource that they can turn to if they encounter any difficulties in using the products or services is no small feat. Often enough, establishing a multi-channel contact centre in-house is expensive......

Dr. Nagma Abbasi: A Dynamic Entrepreneur and Game changer in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology

NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is a single-source facility catering to the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, Cell biology, Immunology, Health care and Drug development. Established in 2014, the company works very closely with customers and wishes to gain recognition, success and growth with a focus on scientist’s research needs and by following three principles- value, service and support. NextGen’s ultimate focus is to provide high-quality and innovative products and services in a timely fashion to customers....

delasign: Creative, Design Technology for tailored solutions that sit between the physical and the digital.

In this digital world dominated by connected devices, customers are not afraid to use disruptive technologies and, more importantly, can afford them. This new trend is putting pressure on organizations to deliver superior, quicker and seamless personalized experiences. delasign is one such entity that provides tailored solutions to its customers. The company is a boutique consultancy whose work sits between the physical and the digital....

Paul Van Coillie: Leading Customer-Centric Business through Digitization

Arco Information deals with paper to digital transformation. The company automates processes and delivers them to the customers. It follows archiving guidelines and stores the documents digitally. Arco Information was established in Mechelen, Belgium, back in 1993. The company offers specialised services in document management and workflow.....

BRISA America: Redefining the Telecom Industry through Digital Process Automation

BRISA America Corp. presents a diversified portfolio comprising customized software development, software integration, software testing, software packages for the hospitality industry and automated omnichannel communications, along with various other services. Since 1988, BRISA has been providing business solutions and communication technology services through the development of strategic and technical projects. BRISA has five offices.....