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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top Green or Sustainable AI Predictions for 2022 To Be Aware Of
AI predictions

Top Green or Sustainable AI Predictions for 2022 To Be Aware Of

Global Tech Outlook features some of the top sustainable AI predictions for 2022

Artificial intelligence holds the potential to boost productivity and growth in an organization or industry across the world for a long time. AI models can predict pollutions, energy consumption, energy emission, and many more for a better future for the welfare of global society. Sustainable AI can contribute to the sustainability goals as well as sustainable development goals effectively and efficiently. Let’s explore some of the top green or sustainable AI predictions for 2022.


Top green or sustainable AI predictions for 2022

Smart cities

Leveraging artificial intelligence in developing smart cities across the world with AI models is one of the top sustainable AI predictions for 2022. Governments have started allocating budgets worth millions of dollars to focus on smart functionalities of artificial intelligence in smart cities. It will help in meeting sustainable development and the betterment of people residing there. There is a huge potential for smart cities in the tech-driven future with self-driving cars, high-sensor cameras, and many more. Smart cities will also leverage AI models for saving electricity, water, and other necessities including smart bins for preventing wastage of food.


Unique IoT devices in agriculture sector

One of the top sustainable AI predictions for 2022 is the agriculture sector will start leveraging artificial intelligence more through AI models and IoT devices to maintain sustainability goals in the future. Farmers can predict accurate weather reports as well as smart irrigation systems to prevent wastage of agricultural crops such as food, cash, and seasonal. This will help them to gain more profit in the future along with vertical farming in smart cities. The digital twin with artificial intelligence holds huge potential for reducing environmental costs efficiently and effectively.


Applications of neural networks

One of the popular sustainable AI predictions for 2022 is the applications of neural networks to reduce nitrous oxide from the atmosphere. Artificial intelligence-based neural networks can help to analyze sufficient data from complicated dynamics of coal combustion. Hence, it can generate meaningful in-depth insights on how to reduce the harmful emissions of nitrous oxide from factories across the world. This can complete one of the sustainable development goals through AI models efficiently and effectively.


Autonomous cars

It is predicted that 2022 will see and experience the launch of autonomous cars from multiple automotive companies across the world. These autonomous cars leverage artificial intelligence and provide opportunities for sustainable AI to reduce the release of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector worldwide. These cars will use less gasoline and more machine learning algorithms and 3D printing technology to ensure safe driving.