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Top Five AI Assistants Influencing Human Lives in 2021

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top Five AI Assistants Influencing Human Lives in 2021

Top Five AI Assistants Influencing Human Lives in 2021

A study has unravelled that around or 71 million people use AI-based assistants in their daily routine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the tech world by storm with its extended features. This exciting technology has an enormous range of applications that revolutionize the world for better tomorrow. The increase in population and need for an assistant has pushed the AI virtual assistant technology towards rapid innovation and development. AI personal assistants are expected to change normal human life. A study has unravelled that around 42% of smartphone users or 71 million people use artificial intelligence-based assistants in their daily routine. Intelligent personal assistant, automated personal assistant and automated virtual personal assistant can perform tasks or services on behalf of user input and location awareness. It has the ability to access information from a variety of sources such as weather conditions, traffic congestion, news, stock prices, user schedules and retail prices. Ultimately, GlobalTech Outlook brings you a list of top AI assistants that has the potential to mitigate people’s routine.


Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Assistants


Alexa, also known as Amazon Alexa is the AI-powered virtual assistant from Amazon. It was first used with Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. Alexa uses voice queries, natural language processing and similar technologies to offer many services like voice interaction, music playback, create a to-do list, set up alarms, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, etc. Alexa can also do web searches, integrate with smart home stuff, and ever order food. Alexa is available on Amazon devices such as Fire Tablet/Stick, Echo and Echo Dot, as well as in Google Play and Apple store.



DataBot is slightly above the average personal assistant app with cross-platform support. It is an AI-powered virtual assistant available on Window 10, Android and iOS. This app answers user’s questions in its voice and addresses the topic that matters to them. DataBot has services integrated within it that provides users with images, information and multimedia presentation based on the topic of interest. It can speak and understand languages like English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.



Youper is an AI therapy platform that supports the user’s mental health. This app can help users take control over their emotional health when they have a quick conversation with it. Youper can guide users through personalised meditations. Users can understand themselves better and track their mood with the help of Youper. The application is available both on Android and iOS.



Fyle is a next-generation AI-powered expense management app. Fyle is a key player in the intelligent expense management space and has launched direct integrations with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. It facilitates features like real-time data extraction, expense reporting, tracking corporate cards, policy checks, approval workflows, travel advances, travel requests and analytics. Fyle is available on desktop, Android and iOS.


ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is a popular AI-powered app to learn and speak English. ELSA Speak users can learn to speak and pronounce English words with the help of short dialogues. AI personal virtual pronunciation coach gives instant feedback to make quick progress. The app uses speech recognition technology to find the user’s English language skills. ELSA Speaks is available on Android and iOs.