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Top Essential AI Data Management Apps for You to Avail in 2021

  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top Essential AI Data Management Apps for You to Avail in 2021

Top Essential AI Data Management Apps for You to Avail in 2021

Global Tech Outlook provides top essential AI data management apps to avail in 2021

Data-driven culture has instigated organizations to process accurate methods for data management across the world. It is overwhelming for organizations to receive enormous volumes of complicated structured, unstructured, and semi-structured real-time data from different sources in this tech-driven world. Thus, these companies need data-management tools by harnessing AI and other disruptive technologies. Data management is the most essential element to transform real-time data into meaningful in-depth insights to improve customer engagement and gain a competitive edge in the global market. There are multiple data-management online courses to learn and use AI data-management apps for adapting to a data-driven culture. Let’s explore some of the top essential AI data-management apps to avail in 2021.


Top essential AI data management apps to avail in 2021


Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einsteinis known as an AI data-management app that is built for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The aim is to provide sales and marketing departments with more comprehensive real-time data of customers and sales prospects for proper data management. This AI data-management app provides deep learning APIs to develop AI apps with Einstein Language and Einstein Vision. It helps in collaborating on open-source AI technology for a better understanding of customer behaviour.


IBM Watson

IBM Watson is known as a question-answering computer system with the implementation of NLP and one of the essential AI data-management apps. It helps companies to bring AI tools and apps to real-time data on IBM Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and many more. It is powered by the latest innovations in disruptive technologies and allows automating the AI lifecycle. IBM Watson infuses AI to data- management app to gain more accurate predictions, automate decisions as well as deliver real-time data across any channel.



Ataccama is known as a global software company focused on delivering a unified platform for effective data-management. The services include automated data quality, master data-management, data catalog, reference data-management, data governance, data profiling, and many more. It provides complex enterprise data-management solutions to enable business and data teams to have self-driving data-management tools by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. The focus is to automate tedious parts while the company can focus on creating value from real-time data. Multiple industries utilize this AI data-management app such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, transportation, and government.



ParabluBluVault is one of the essential AI data-management apps that ensures safe backup to a Cloud storage environment with effective data governance. It is encrypted with modules that meet regulatory requirements including GDPR. It provides a datasheet— secure backup management suite for endpoints and centralizes data-management automatically, optimally, and periodically. It helps to compress, de-duplicate as well as encrypting data before sending it to Cloud storage.


Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia is popular as the next-generation enterprise AI data-management platform to simplify the AI adoption journey for business and IT. It helps to unlock document intelligence with NiaDocAI and supports end-to-end enterprises through data management, digitization of documents, operationalizing models, and model development. It can industrialize AI deployments to drive business outcomes by harvesting intelligence across the polycloud. It also provides highly effective data-management tools for data workflows with the Nia AML workbench. There are also effective end-to-end data management supports such as profiling, cataloguing, query, and many more.