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Top Emerging Tech Jobs During the COVID Mayhem

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COVID-19 Junior enterprise architect jobs Entry-level PC technician , Entry-level PHP Developer , Junior software consultant,

Top Emerging Tech Jobs During the COVID Mayhem

What are the new tech position demands in the current employment market?

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore several new challenges. And with that came along strict lockdowns, businesses halting their operations, a shrinking economy, especially the gig economy, all contributing to the unemployment of millions of people, job lay-offs and more. Fortunately, as the world grapples with the health and humanitarian crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, new jobs have gained huge prominence in the tech sector. As the world scrambled to shift to remote working or work from home, we are likely to witness job posts and career opportunities that differ from those offered previously in the post-COVID-19 era. Although the COVID-19 pandemic had varying effects on specific parts of the tech sector, people skilled in supporting digital and virtual tech aspects will be in much greater demand due to the onset of new job environments.

Last week, Indeed released a report detailing the “10 Fastest-Rising Tech Jobs” in the US. The report is based on tech jobs posted on Indeed from January to September, where the company identified which of these specific titles saw the “highest percentage change in the share of job postings.” Further, it listed the key skills required for each of these roles by pulling the most commonly mentioned terms noted in each post for each title using job postings from Sept. 1, 2020, through Oct. 1, 2020.

As per the report, entry-level PHP developer topped Indeed’s list of fastest-rising tech jobs. Since the beginning of this year, Indeed job posts for this position have increased 834%. The top skills frequently mentioned in these Indeed job posts include software development, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP. Junior helpdesk job roles have bagged the next position. These positions had a ~501% change since January and the top skills frequently mentioned for this designation include time management, organizational skills, customer service, and software troubleshooting. Coming in third place is jobs for Entry-level PC technicians with approximately a 434% increase in job demand since January. The top skills listed on as per Indeed for entry-level PC technician job postings include customer service, heavy lifting, Microsoft Office Windows operating system, communication skills, and software development.

The fourth and fifth in the list were junior enterprise architect and junior technical consultant, respectively with 278% and ~256% from last year. The most frequently mentioned skills in junior enterprise architect job postings include organizational skills, communication skills, time management, and customer service, while the junior technical consultant position demanded Salesforce, Sass, HTML5, CSS, and XML as tech skills. After these, the other tech roles in the Indeed list were, Senior CAD operator (234%), junior technical support (223%), junior software consultant and Server architect (167%), and senior technical directors (160%).

Further, the average salary for each of these jobs was:

  • Entry-level PHP Developer (Average salary: US$73,334)
  • Junior helpdesk (Average salary: US$42,542)
  • Entry-level PC technician (Average pay rate: US$18.37 per hour)
  • Junior enterprise architect (Average salary: US$144,752)
  • Junior technical consultant (Average salary: US$60,057)
  • Senior CAD operator (Average salary: US$67,650)
  • Junior technical support (Average salary: US$52,563)
  • Junior software consultant (Average salary: US$58,594)
  • Server architect (Average salary: US$92,203)
  • Senior technical director (Average salary: US$196,397)