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Top Edge AI Trends and Predictions to Look Out For in 2022

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Edge AI trends

Top Edge AI Trends and Predictions to Look Out For in 2022

Top five Edge AI trends will enhance artificial intelligence and IoT in 2022.

Edge AI has gained a significant momentum in 2021 with the huge demand for edge computing. Organizations have started leveraging artificial intelligence, IoT, and 5G wireless network for more efficient service to the global customer base. Edge AI global market size is expected to hit US$38.87 billion in 20230 with a CAGR of 18.8%. Thus, there are speculations about trends in 2022 related to Edge AI. Let’s explore some of the top Edge AI trends as well as Edge AI predictions for organizations to adopt in 2022.


Top Edge AI trends and predictions in 2022

Enhanced partnership between artificial intelligence and industrial IoT

One of the popular Edge AI trends in 2022 is to experience an enhanced partnership between artificial intelligence and industrial IoT. The integration will improve custom development work without any potential error and will simplify the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in industries across the world. This Edge AI prediction can help in driving instant actions efficiently with real-time responses.



AI-on-5G is one of the top trends in 2022 with the combined computing infrastructure providing high performance as well as secure connectivity. The emerging Edge AI prediction will help to unlock new Edge AI use cases in Industry 4.0, automotive systems, and smart spaces. AI-on-5G is expected to offer additional full-stack solutions to provide scale of enterprise 5G environment with the integration of artificial intelligence.


Emergence of MLOps

The emergence of MLOps will be the key to drive the dataflow to and from the edge across the world. Artificial intelligence will grow significantly with this Edge AI prediction. The Edge AI trend in 2022 will drive the next wave of artificial intelligence computing with the shift from traditional software to modern smart software.


More demand for Edge AI chips

2021 experienced a global shortage of semiconductors across the enterprise world. Organizations need to embrace Edge AI more to produce Edge AI chips for more efficient service for a long run in the tech market. This is one of the popular Edge AI trends in 2022 because the shortage is expected to continue till the second quarter of 2022. Till then, organizations need to take on the challenges of low-power neural networks. Edge AI chips will allow machine learning and artificial intelligence tasks to happen on-device with lower latency and a wide use of smart devices.


Increase in edge data centers

One of the top Edge AI trends in 2022 is the increase in edge data centers across the world. The Edge AI prediction is that more than five million servers will be deployed at the edge by 2024. These edge data centers will increase in the number because of 5G network, IoT proliferation, data gap, SDN and NFV tech, as well as video streaming with augmented reality and virtual reality. The demand is higher owing to its low latency, overcoming the intermittent connectivity and data storage near the end-user.