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Top Data Science Programs in India to Look for in 2021

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Data Science course

Top Data Science Programs in India to Look for in 2021

Land a career in data science with these top data science programs in India

The Data Science course is becoming popular with students since the domain has developed considerably and transformed the way enterprises operate. Because of the heavy reliance on and consumption of data, there has been an increase in the extraction, processing, and analysis of data into information that can be best used as a resource. In the last few years, the need for Data Science specialists has skyrocketed.

We have listed the top data science programs in India to watch out for this year.


Post Graduate Program in Data Science from Purdue University and Simplilearn

With Purdue and IBM, this program has been regarded as the best for bringing together the finest of academic and industry excellence. The certificates gained get global prominence as a result of this. The Data Science Course also combines a comprehensive curriculum with an interactive learning experience that includes Live Classes with prominent professors and professionals as well as hands-on industry projects.


Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science

UpGrad and the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Bangalore collaborated on the 11-month online program. Working professionals will benefit the most from it. During the course, enrolled students are taught by IIIT faculty and industry specialists. Students are likely to devote 10 hours per week to meeting the course deadlines.


Post Graduate Program in Data Science by Praxis Business School

Praxis School’s PGP in Data Science is a nine-month full-time program. They are available in three cities: Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai. Since this is a full-time data science course, it necessitates a greater level of commitment and cannot be completed while working. Simultaneously, it aids in improved completion and learning.


MBA in Data Sciences & Data Analytics

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology offers a two-year full-time weekday program. The overall number of hours spent learning during the course is 1500. Students will develop worldwide capabilities through this program, which has been precisely developed to include technology and industry trends. Students will also be promised employment placement after completing the course. Guest sessions, industry connections, and alumni meet-ups make the course very engaging.


Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics by Imarticus

Imarticus’ PGP in Data Analytics is an offline classroom course. This data science is a wonderful alternative for someone with 3 years of experience who wants to start a career in data science. It’s also a demanding curriculum, with five offline classes of 4 hours each per week. As a result, students must be prepared to devote time.


Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science by Upgrad

This Upgrad Data Science Course is a 12-month online curriculum with a recommended weekly workload of 12-15 hours. No prior coding experience is required for this program. Allows you to choose from five specialties based on your background and career goals. IIIT-B offers a PG Diploma in Data Science with a specialization.


Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics by Great Learning

Great Learning’s PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics is an online program aimed mostly at working professionals. Online pre-recorded videos and a monthly live class with a university lecturer serve as the learning pedagogy.