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Top Data Migration Companies to Look Out For in 2022

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Data migration companies

Top Data Migration Companies to Look Out For in 2022

Data migration companies are driving effective data migration without any data loss.

Data migration is essential for organizations to transfer real-time and confidential data to any other folder or place without potential chances for data losses. Multiple data migration service providers are focused on offering effective data migration processes to other businesses as per their needs. Service providers of data migrations or companies for data migration are gaining popularity due to the vast amounts of real-time data generated through advanced tools in this Industry 4.0. Thus, let’s look at the top data migration companies to seek help from in 2022.



Appnovation is one of the leading data migration companies helping organizations transfer real-time data to navigate the digital landscape and create strategic solutions for delivering tangible business outputs. It takes care of the entire migration process from strategies to development. There are collaborations among different groups while maintaining the branding as well as message consistency across sites.


Indium Software

Indium Software is a popular company for data migration and modernization for successful digital transformation efforts. This data migration service provider helps in simplifying and boosting the data migration and modernization of legacy on-premises and cloud databases through proven processes, technology accelerators, demonstrated expertise, and many more. It offers DB modernization, migration POC, database health check, with a backward approach.



DiceUs is one of the top service providers of data migration to help advisors identify challenges, define business values, as well as offer comprehensive data migration consulting and strategy. This data migration company is focused on providing data migration services and minimizing downtime while performing a migration from multiple different hosts, platforms, and CMS. The data migration company follows four data migration steps— analysis, planning, migration, and post-migration.



Veritas is one of the leading data migration companies to migrate archives from any source to any target. This service provider of data migration has facilitated more than 3,000 successful migrations with powerful solutions supporting the most source systems and destination formats in the industry. It helps to gain visibility, ensure compliance, maintain mobility, and many more.



Avenga is a well-known data migration service provider in the industry that follows eight steps for an effective data migration process. The steps include defining the scope, studying requirements, business rules and mapping documents, dependencies, and interactions, creating test cases and queries to verify data, executing test cases, comparing the results, non-functional testing, and functional application test.


Blue Copper Technologies

Blue Copper Technologies  is a popular company for data migration that offers secured legacy migration services including a comprehensive analysis process as a safeguard. This data migration service provider helps to maintain certified technology migration professionals to ensure that there is no data loss during the transfer. It leverages the best technology stacks involving re-architecting as well as re-engineering legacy systems for clients. It helps companies with a wide range of database platforms to implement applications with agility and scalability as per the business needs.


Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology is known as one of the top data migration companies for performing full migration of applications, software, websites, and other solutions with its service. It offers cloud migration, digital product or software migration, enterprise platform migration, website, and web app migration, server and database migration besides data migration. This service provider of data migration strategically plans to perform the essential tasks with multiple measures. The team looks after the maintenance of the integrity and consistency of data related to the new setup of any application.