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Data capture methods

Top Data Capture Methods for Application in Business

Use these data capture methods for your business

Data capture is the process of collecting structured and unstructured information electronically and converting it into data readable by a computer. Data capture allows you to collect information. The idea behind the data capturing process is simple. Take, for example, a patient filling in a questionnaire on their first visit.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR technology is used to capture data from structured documents, usually those that have been word-processed. The software works by converting documents into machine-readable files, once this has happened you can search by keywords contained within it, great for files containing large amounts of data.


Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

ICR technology is an adapted version of OCR, the difference being that ICR is able to read the handwritten text and convert it into computer-readable information. Often used for unstructured documents such as letters, unstructured documents, and other handwritten business correspondence.


Automatic Data Capture

Once documents have been OCR or ICR scanned, automatic data capturing software can identify and extract key information from forms. This is becoming extremely popular for businesses looking to automate processing tasks, such as invoicing, purchasing, and claims processing. The software is trained to look for specific types of information, such as reference numbers, names, and addresses. The extracted information is output into a preferred format for import into existing systems, commonly used are csv, excel, or HTML.


Paperless Forms

Paperless forms allow information to be captured whilst out in the field, transforming the way data comes in and out of a business. Data is captured using a mobile device and can be transferred straight into office systems, with no paper processing involved or delays.


Barcode Technology

Barcode technology is a data capturing method that allows metadata such as customer name, address, and contact numbers to be pre-populated into barcode format prior to forms being sent. This form of data captures significantly reduces manual data entry requirements upon return.


Double-Blind Data Entry

Double-blind data entry is a form of manual data entry using two operators and validation software to increase accuracy. The software will flag up any discrepancies between both sets of data and errors must be corrected before they can move.