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Top Companies to Follow in the AI Supply Chain Domain in 2022

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AI supply chain

Top Companies to Follow in the AI Supply Chain Domain in 2022

AI supply chain domain needs efficient companies to boost productivity in 2022.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining huge momentum in the supply chain and logistics industry in these few years. Companies in AI supply chain domain have identified the potential of cutting-edge technologies to boost productivity as well as solve complicated business problems. AI supply chain is focused on enabling companies to track operations, augment business strategies, and improve supply chain management. Let’s explore some of the tops AI supply chain companies in 2022 to enhance the supply chain and logistics industry.


Top AI supply chain companies in 2022



HAVI is one of the top AI supply chain companies in 2022 focused on connecting people with data with insights, supply with demands, and so on. It is a global company focused on innovating, optimizing, and managing the supply chains of leading brands with more than 45 years in the AI supply chain domain. It offers a unique combination of capabilities across the supply chain while sourcing, storing, and delivering products. It provides operational excellence with digital analytics and in-depth insights for an effective supply chain.



Infor is known as the popular AI supply chain company with end-to-end supply chain solutions. It offers Infor Supply Chain Management solutions for delivering intelligent and real-time supply chain orchestration. It is provided with the digitalization of the end-to-end supply chain process. This company in the AI supply chain can optimize cost— 25% reduction in supply chain cost, 40% reduction in wastage cost, as well as more than 10% savings in transportation cost.


Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics is one of the top companies in AI supply chain as well as a leading provider of technology-based transportation and supply chain management services. The aim is to simplify transportation management quickly, securely, as well as cost-effectively. It provides Echoship, full truckload, small parcel, and many more with managed transportation solutions. The AI supply chain company offers Echodrive, Echoship, and Echotrak for clients. is a well-known AI supply chain company for its supply chain solution to bridge the gap between planning and execution with artificial intelligence. It offers a sales and supply chain platform with a real-time control tower for manufacturers. It helps in efficiently responding to the latest demand and supply conditions while identifying issues earlier to take the right corrective actions. It offers real-time plan adjustments, real-time inventory management, collaborative inventory management, and executive overview. is popular in the supply chain and logistics industry for its AI supply chain optimization. It helps to empower teams to scale machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts with high-speed inaccurate predictive models. Organizations can find the best mix across the supply chain with while reducing costs and increasing the production speed.