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  /  5G   /  Top Companies Leading the 5G race in Research and Services: 2021

Top Companies Leading the 5G race in Research and Services: 2021

Global Tech Outlook has listed the top companies who are at the front line of 5G research and services.



Ericsson is one of the biggest 5G service providers. Their radio system enables migration from existing 4G LTE networks to 5G networks. It comprises 5G equipment, software, and services for radio, RAN compute, antenna system, transport, power, enclosure, and site solutions and all of it is run by a common management system. Their 5G Core offers a multi-access and programmable cloud-native network.



Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational networking and telecommunications company that provides 5G equipment, software, and services to service providers and enterprises. Their AirScale Radio Access Portfolio offers a modular approach to building networks delivering extreme capacity, massive connectivity, and ultra-low latency required for 5G services. It also supports all radio access technologies, including 4.9G, enabling service continuity with 5G networks.


American Tower

American Tower is an American multinational wireless and 5G infrastructure company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Their Build-to-Suit provides a site candidate information package for site analysis and selection. The site data package details the approved candidate sites, such as owner information, utility providers, zoning and permitting information, and preliminary site evaluations. It also includes complete tower construction management services. Their Backup Power provides continuous power to 5G applications via a turnkey & fully managed backup solution to keep the network up and running.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a leading global cloud infrastructure platform that provides connectivity from datacenter to cloud at 100 Gbps via Azure ExpressRoute. Their Azure Edge Zones connects the Azure services directly to the 5G networks in the operator’s data center. It enables developers to build applications requiring ultra-low latency, such as online gaming, remote meetings, and events. Sample operators expanding their collaboration with Microsoft Azure include AT&T, Etisalat, NTT Communications, Proximus, Rogers, SK Telecom, Telefonica, Telstra, and Vodafone Business.



Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading global cloud infrastructure platform. Their AWS wavelength combines the high bandwidth and ultra-low latency of 5G networks with AWS compute and storage services enabling developers to build high-performance mobile edge computing applications.



MediaTek is a Taiwan-based multinational fabless semiconductor company that builds chips for smartphones, smart TVs, voice assistant devices, android tablets, optical and blu-ray DVD players. Their dimensity 5G Chip family includes Dimensity 1000+, which is a 5G-integrated chip for smartphones with several technologies and upgrades for gaming, video, and power-efficiency. The T700 modem supports non-standalone and standalone Sub-6 5G network architectures to deliver faster speeds and more reliable connectivity to the next generation of Intel-powered PCs.





Samsung started researching on 5G technology in 2011. In 2013, Samsung had successfully developed the world’s first adaptive array transceiver technology operating in the millimeter-wave Ka bands for cellular communications. The new technology sits at the core of the 5 – G mobile communications system and provides data transmission several hundred times faster than the current 4G networks. The company has achieved a lot in the next generation of technology and can now be considered as one of the leaders in the 5 – G domain.



LG has been one of the top 5G players in terms of research activities, products, and even patent analytics. In 2019, Bloomberg cited the 5G era as the era of LG as the company managed to ship more than 100K 5G smartphones in the Korean market. The Korean company has been researching on 5G for quite some time and built a reputation by getting published in many 5G related reports. LG has been a few companies, like Samsung and Huawei that does not just deploy 5G networks but also build products too which utilize 5G networks.



Huawei has been pouring money into research on 5 G wireless networks and patenting key technologies. The company has hired many experts from abroad as well to decide the technical standards for the next-generation wireless communication technology.


ZTE Corporation

Regarded as one of the leaders in 4G LTE, the Chinese telecom equipment company also maintains its position in 5G research and tests. The 4G network was confronted by various bottlenecks in the Internet of Things because of its performance and capabilities. At that time, ZTE was the first company to propose its Pre5G concept and series solution. After that ZTE opened many research centers in various countries and did many collaborations and investments in 5 G technology.