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VR products

Top Companies Innovating AR/VR Products To Sophisticate Surgeries

Global Tech Outlook features some of the top companies with AR and VR products for surgeons

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two major disruptive technologies emerging in Industry 4.0 to provide immersive experiences to customers in multiple industries across the world. Multiple companies have identified that manufacturing AR products and VR products can be beneficial to customers as well as industries to increase customer engagement. The healthcare industry has started operating surgeries with AR in recent years. Companies specialized in AR and VR are helping doctors to proceed with sophisticated surgeries with VR also. Let’s explore some of the top companies innovating AR and VR products focused on providing sophisticated surgeries in the 21st century.


Top companies innovating AR/VR products to sophisticate surgeries



Proprio is a Seattle-based company focused on innovating AR products as well as VR products by blending with machine learning to build ultra-precise 3D medical images. These tools can help surgeons with performing sophisticated surgeries through multiple barriers on surgery plans. AI helps to analyze these 3D renderings and stores important surgical real-time data for future purposes.



ImmersiveTouch is a Chicago-based company focused on creating AR products for surgical planning, training, and education for performing sophisticated surgeries efficiently. The company consists of anImmersiveView Surgical Plan platform that creates 3D replicas of scan reports for surgeons to analyze and decide their surgical procedures. The VR headset is known as the Oculus Rift headset that can also provide some assistance to surgeons with a number of tools.



FundamentalVR is a London-based company focused on providing flight simulator-like training to surgeons for performing sophisticated surgeries with AR through constant practice and improving skills. There are also AR products such as AR tech that help the healthcare industry to perform surgeries with VR through simulations.



OxfordVR is a well-known Oxford-based company that innovates VR products to relieve symptoms of mental disorders and fears of patients. It helps the healthcare industry to cure patients of their irrational fears through sophisticated surgeries.


Medsights Tech

Medsights Tech is focused on innovating AR products with a software to test the feasibility of leveraging AR for building 3D reconstructions of tumours of patients. It provides an immersive experience while letting surgeons study the x-ray views without any potential radiation exposure.



AccuVein is another popular company that removes the fear of blood tests from patients with its AR products. The irrational fear provides medical staff a tough time to find the right vein on hand for the first time. Thus, an AR product helps to use a handheld scanner to project over the skin and show the right veins to boost productivity within a short period of time.