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Bizarre NFT games

Top Bizarre NFT Games in the Metaverse You Should Know About

Bizarre NFT games are thriving in the Metaverse for their unique and attractive features.


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Metaverse is blowing up in the digital world with its amazing new features such as AI avatars and cool games with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. There are more hype and excitement from online players to play in the future with an immersive experience. Bizarre NFT games in Metaverse are thriving to earn digital money efficiently and effectively. There are multiple games of NFT that still hold the potential to be more successful in the future. Metaverse games are gaining popularity because of advancements in blockchain technology. Thus, let’s explore some of the top bizarre NFT games in the Metaverse in 2022 for online players.


Most bizarre NFT games in the Metaverse


ERTHA is one of the top bizarre NFT games in Metaverse with its own NFT land to generate lifetime revenue. It is an exciting play-to-earn NFT game built on Binance Smart Chain. This NFT game in Metaverse offers ample detail-oriented features to provide online players with decisions to have a dynamic effect on the Metaverse ecosystem. It has a 3D illusion that shows the social as well as the economic life of a futuristic Earth-centric planet. This NFT game is divided into 350,000 HEX land plots where a player needs to take on the land-owner role to create the environment.


Wolf Game

Wolf Game is another popular Metaverse game with NFT for players to use 159 items to deal with thousands of sheep and wolves competing on a farm. The winner will receive an exciting prize of US$WOOL with highly deadly stakes. There are different kinds of wolves to buy with a high level of intrigue. This game of NFT is well-known as a unique tokenomics-based risk-reward system for NFTs. One does not need to panic about their NDT sheep being hungry on the farm and shepherds need to pay WOOL tax to wolves.



CryptoRunner is a well-known bizarre 3D first-person endless runner game. It uses the accelerometer for controlling the character with an aim to run as far as possible across five lanes. There is an open 3D abstract environment in 3D Space to hold a few power-ups in-line the game. There is a total of 5000 CryptoRunner NFTs through BNB as well as Stake Tokens to claim NFTs.


Cool Cats

Cool Cats is one of the leading Metaverse games for its cute and family-friendly features. It consists of 9,999 randomly generated as well as stylist cat doodles in blue colour with multiple designs. This bizarre NFT game has a huge fanbase as a built-in utility for token holders. Cats have a combination of features including body, face, outfit, and hat with cool, wild, classy, and exotic points.


The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an emerging NFT game in the Metaverse where one can own land, play games, and build their own game. Players can take control of the massive virtual world with different roles such as a collector, game decider, artist, or gamer. They can hop from one game to another to earn free crypto with this game. There are multiple different genres such as RPG, open world, adventure, and many more.


Big Time

Big Time is known as a multiplayer action RPG that allows the players to team with friends to adventure across time and space. This NFT game in Metaverse offers to explore ancient mysteries as well as futuristic civilizations to battle its way through in the game. Players can collect rare NFT items for decorating avatars as well as a personal time machine.


Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a popular NFT game in Metaverse to play with unique digital items. Players can earn Trillium to provide power in the Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs). The power includes voting in the upcoming Planetary elections to enhance reward pools. There are weekly elections for council candidates and players need to submit proposals to distribute the planetary treasury.