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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top Automotive Companies in India Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
Automotive companies

Top Automotive Companies in India Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Global Tech Outlook looks at the Top Automotive Companies in India leveraging AI.

Automotive companies have already initiated to adopt Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, to manufacture smart vehicles for the citizens. Everyone is tempted to use smart automated vehicles to gain unique experiences where drivers will be no longer required. Automated cars will take the passengers to their destinations without touching the steering wheel. The emergence of electric vehicles has also created a positive impact on the environment. Some automotive companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence for better customer service in this cut-throat competitive world. Let’s take a glance at top automotive companies in India leveraging Artificial Intelligence to transform the traditional systems of vehicles.


Top Automotive Companies in India leveraging Artificial Intelligence


TATA Motors

TATA is one of the reputed companies in India consisting of TATA Motors, TATA Steel, TATA Consumer products and many more. TATA Motors is known as the biggest automobile manufacturing company in India, with subsidiaries such as Jaguar Land Rover. TATA Motors leveraged Artificial Intelligence through collaboration with Microsoft India in 2017. The aim was to bring together AI, machine learning models, geo-spatial and mapping also IoT to redefine the connected experience for the automobile users. This collaboration will enhance the human-machine interface by fostering AI innovation for its connected cars. Microsoft India has enabled some attractive functionalities such as advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring features and many more on Microsoft Azure Intelligent Cloud.


Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is one of the well-known automotive companies in India with a huge base of loyal customers. The company has started leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the recent years to provide a better customer experience. It has implemented RPA, AI and IoT to automate most of the tedious routines in the workplace. Maruti Suzuki has been undergoing mass adoption of RPA for higher ROI in the nearby future. RPA will increase efficiency as well as reduce errors and faults in the system. The company is also interested in voice-enabled systems and Chatbots. Chatbots will be integrated with HR Assist and other departments in the company. These will be made voice-based with the help of NLP in the system. The integration of IoT is essential for Maruti Suzuki to adapt to Industry 4.0 efficiently and effectively.  The company is focused on enhancing manufacturing volumes, the health of the machineries as well as predictive analytics. Maruti Suzuki is also focused on building a data lake to help in receiving meaningful outcomes for the nearby future. The data lake will help in improving product features in vehicles.


Hyundai India

Hyundai Motor Group has launched a highly advanced customer service robot known as DAL-e or Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience. It is equipped with a cutting-edge technology of Artificial Intelligence such as facial recognition and automatic communication system based on NLP. The production system of Hyundai Motor Group used Artificial Intelligence and efficient supply chain management to record the highest ever monthly production in December amidst the pandemic . The Group launched India’s first-ever Internet-connected cars known as SUV Venue and Hector SUV. These smart vehicles have amazing features like embedded mobile sims of Reliance Unlimit and Vodafone-Idea, 10.4-inch screen as well a voice control of the cars. These functionalities are assisted with Artificial Intelligence applications like automatic crash notifications, SOS emergency assistance as well as roadside assistance for a smooth journey to destinations.


Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto is has launched Bajaj Auto Online Learning Tool as an AI-powered and mobile-enabled platform to offer a unique learning experience to employees. Yulu is a bicycle and electric scooter rental Bengaluru-based startup that raised US$8 million to source electric two-wheelers from Bajaj Auto. The startup deploys Artificial Intelligence and machine learning models to predict the demand and supply of assets and resources for operational efficiency. Bajaj Auto consists of over 100 co-bots from Universal Robots (UR) to drive the position as the world’s third-largest motorcycle manufacturer. RPA has revolutionised the shop-floor within a short period of time.