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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top AI-powered Mobile Apps Assisting Elderly People

Top AI-powered Mobile Apps Assisting Elderly People

Global Tech Outlook churns out the top AI-powered mobile apps assisting elderly people.

AI is transforming the lives of the young generation with constant cost-effective and time-saving innovations. The young generation has adapted to the digital transformation with the use of digital wallets, personal assistants, 5G network as well as self-driving cars. But what about the older generation who are not tech-savvy like millennial or Gen-Z? The implementation of AI into mobile apps has contributed to the welfare of elderly people in recent times. Though it is time-consuming for elderly people to get used to these smart devices, they are doing a wonderful job in adapting to the tech-driven era. Here are some top mobile apps that are useful for elderly people in this pandemic. 

Top AI-powered Mobile Apps Assisting Elderly People

Patronus- Personal Safety

Patronus is a mobile app that assists people having anxiety or panic attack while staying alone. This AI-powered app is beneficial for elderly people who live alone without any family member. The source of panic in elderly people can be any issue related to the pandemic situation, medicines, lack of sleep and many more. Patronus helps to alert emergency contacts through notifications during any crisis. The AI algorithm in this mobile app provides uninterrupted security to the real-time data of the users. It has some useful features such as the Tragic Panic button in the app as well as on the notification bar, the last location of the app user, the button still works even without an internet connection and additional security is provided with an optional embedded Android Wear that runs 24*7. 


Countless elderly people are living alone, far away from their family, and have to take care of themselves. bSafe is another AI-powered mobile app that can protect these elderly people by providing red alerts to the concerned family members during any crisis or accident. There can be common instances like falling down from the stairs or accidental slippage when the victim can turn on the SOS button by touch or voice to alert other family members. The audio and video screenings will be automatically on so that the guardian can watch the current scenario of the patient and can be virtually with them at the same time. If any of the grandparents want to take a stroll outside the house, the person can alert the family member with a GPS-tracking notification so that the guardian can track the whereabouts of the elderly person. 


Skype is a social networking mobile/desktop app based on the AI algorithm that can be utilised by elderly people efficiently. If they are provided with a mobile phone with a smooth internet connection, they can video call their loved ones on Skype for a happy engaging time. Microsoft has also added an AI background as a blur to the Skype video calls where AI is designed to identify the human features and analyse the background to make it blurry. Grandparents can have their focus on loved ones rather than what is happening in the background. 


GoodRx is an American healthcare company that provides telemedicine with discounts and efficient service to all kinds of patients through a mobile app. It helps to track prescription drug prices and discounts on certain medications. Elderly people can also opt for a refill of the medicines as well as make an appointment with doctors online. Elderly people deserve the utmost care in an affordable and convenient way so AI is transforming the healthcare system for them with a sufficient supply of real-time data. It provides information regarding healthy diet, potential diseases, total cost, medicine proportions and many more by certified medical experts. Elderly people can also select home delivery of medicines to receive the medicines within a short period of time. 


Instacart is an American company that focuses on grocery delivery as well as pick-up service for any age group in the US and Canada. The company allows elderly people to order groceries through its mobile app efficiently. It helps the elderly customers to receive the same-day delivery service with fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy body. It has also promoted an in-store express lane online with 30-minute priority delivery for better customer engagement. This has immensely helped elderly people who cannot go out of the house for grocery shopping.