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Top 7 Trends in Java Technology in 2021

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Java artificial intelligence big data cloud

Top 7 Trends in Java Technology in 2021

Java, as a technology, has been serving the internet for a long time. Be it back-end or front-end development, Java and its technology have acted as a boon for all the developers. For at least the coming ten years, Java will be a dominant force in the industry. Owing to current developments in the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics, Java has been used more than ever.

Despite numerous rumors about the death of Java technology, it relinquished its performance in 2020. Is Java the only technology? The answer is no. But it still dominates the development of corporate, i.e. business applications. Despite COVID, in the year 2020, we witnessed two updates in the technology. The straight impact is making it well-built. In 2021, the next update of Java might be out!

Java is still preferred in the world because of its features which include:

  • Simple to use and understand
  • Object-oriented
  • Independent from platform
  • Secure
  • Worker-thread enabled
  • Robustly developed
  • Full of a support community
  • High in resource availability

With every technology, one must stay updated with its trends. The current year will still have the corona-effect, and hence most trends will be dominated by “how-to-outgrow-the-impacts”. So if you in the realm of software development and programming languages, you must stay aware of the trends! We’ve got a comprehensive list for you just right here!

It’s all at your perusal!


Top Trends That Will Dominate Java Technology: 2021

  1. Big Data & Robotization

Industry 4.0 has been around the corner, and with 2021 in hand, corporates seek growth through smarter and efficient methods. Java technology has varied uses in the big data collection, distribution, and processing mechanism. With Java, managing the data in industries and associations becomes easy. Also, smart predictions can aid an organization with predictive analysis, which, in turn, results in more intelligent tactics and increased growth. *Hint* Apache Hadoop is swinging the big data life!

While Java and robotization are not connected directly, both are complementary to each other. If your business is still not automating its essential functions, you are wasting energy and resources in the wrong direction, and someone might give you a cut-throat competition. With Java’s support system, robotization becomes efficient and comfortable. In 2021, this will rule the industry, and here’s where Java will be a significant aid.


  1. Artificial-Intelligence Driven Business Resources

Being amongst the scalable language, Java offers a wide array of resources and business choices to use in their operations. Want to create an application and use growth strategies? Well, with Java’s resources, you can do it. It is amongst the best languages to develop AI-driven applications and software. With the technical community that Java has, one can work towards using Artificial Intelligence in their organization’s strategies and deliver optimum business results.

With the right brains of Java, you can connect machine learning (ML) with Artificial Intelligence, and you get scalability, ease of use, and a resourceful technology that will hammer success.

Digitization speeds up drastically in the last year, and hence now is the time for the internet to rule the world!


  1. Remote Access Solutions

With the globe sitting in their home & working, WFH or work from home is the new norm. Remote working is now officially a location with many organizations, especially the IT ones. Java is a language sworn by the people who work over the internet, and hence, the new trend that will be most prevalent is providing remote solutions.

Video calling, remote working applications, managing solutions, etc., are the domains developed in the past year. With Java in place, developing all this becomes much more comfortable and convenient. We are having both server-end and client end working seamlessly. One must ensure to be well-versed in Java for this!


  1. Cloud-Based Models

Cloud will be omnipresent in the coming time. Businesses of every size are using cloud technology to maintain their data. In 2021, this speed will only increase. There are many cloud service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and not to forget Google. In the coming future, Serverless architecture and cloud will be the arena where Java developers must put their high-end focus on.


  1. Updates & Upgrades

Java LTS 8 and 11 are the two most used updates. Two more updates have been released in the past year despite the COVID. JDK 17 may most probably come by the end of September this year. While there are various updates, each Java language must be comprehensively known to serve varied requirements.

What happens in the industry with the new updates is undoubtedly a sight worth watching. So if you want to hop on the bandwagon of success, you must be well-acquainted with the Java technologies throughout.


  1. Spring Framework

One of the most popular frameworks of Java has been spring. With spring 5, spring security 5.0, spring bot 2, the language now has expanded its array of services through frameworks. There have been many updates in the Spring framework that make it comparatively lightweight and easy to use.

If you are working on Java application development, do not forget to learn this framework which is expected to be high in use in 2021.


  1. SaaS & PaaS

If you are working on models that include SaaS or PaaS, you need to have a language to work on. Java is one of the widely used ones, will be more than ever ruling this domain. Many unicorns and startups have started working on these models. It will surely be one technological trend one has to follow for Java.

Java technology has a lot to see even after 3+ decades of its existence. Who would have thought that one technology will dominate the internet world? If you are wondering which step to move ahead in, in 2021, this list will surely help you in better decision-making? Let’s see what more trends can 2021 show the world concerning Java!