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  /  Latest News   /  Top 7 Soft Robotics Companies for Tech Enthusiasts in 2021

Top 7 Soft Robotics Companies for Tech Enthusiasts in 2021

These soft robotics companies are providing efficiency and enabling transformation at the same time.

Today’s tech-driven innovations, have led to a revolution in our daily lives. Self-driving cars, intelligent digital agents, and robots are dominating industries and replacing the cores of traditional business operations. These networked and automated artificial intelligence technologies have fundamentally changed the world for good. Different types of robots are used for different purposes. One such type of technology in the robotics landscape is soft robotics


Soft robotics, is the subfield of robotics that involves the construction of robotics using soft, elastic, and flexible materials, somewhat like living organisms. It derives its inference from the living organisms that move and adapt to their surrounding habitable environment. Robots developed using the soft robotics tech possess dynamic behavior as well as plastic behavior. 


This article provides a list of the top soft robotics startups that are making a breakthrough in 2021. 


  • SpectroPlast

One of the major obstacles while in the creation of soft robotics, is the lack of surfaces that resemble the soft human touch. Silicon is a preferred choice when it comes to creating soft, human-like touch surfaces. SpectroPlast is a Swiss startup company that provides silicon-based solutions for different applications. 

The company is aiming to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research technology research and technology transfer to meet a longstanding demand in the market for silicon 3D printing. Other than soft robotics, the company also produces medical tools parts and other industrial components. 

  • iCobots

iCobots, develop collaborative robots for industrial automation. The company was established to integrate this highly advanced technology in the Israeli industrial sector. 

iCobots uses soft robotics tech in packaging food items like eggs, fruits, and chocolates that require manual labor. These collaborative robots combine the speed of robots with that of the soft human touch and find applications in handling delicate food items. The robots handle multiple products in different industries, including agriculture. 

  • Soft Gripping

Soft Gripping is a Hamburg-based robotics company that produces elastic grippers for material handling. The company provides easy, robust, and soft light designs that are adaptive to all surfaces and are ideal for fault-tolerant handling. It aims in providing technology that is easy to handle and safe for human collaboration. 

  • Squishy Robotics

Squishy Robotics, is a fast deployingfast-deploying mobile sensing robot for disaster rescue, remote monitoring, and space exploration. The company aims at creating fusion robots using mobile sensing, machine learning, big data, and smart IoT. 

The customizable platform is designed for dynamic changing circumstances. Currently, this startup is focusing on producing applications that include scientific monitoring, delivery services, smart home applications, and different other services for the education sector. 

  • Somnox

Somnox, is one of the first companies that has provided a unique technology to help fall asleep. The company specializes in soft robotic innovation that helps individuals fall asleep at night and wake up more energized. 

This technology promotes rehabilitation from injuries and encourages a particular behavior, such as addiction recovery and improved coordination to therapy. Somnox provides sleep robot aids to people with circadian rhythmic disorders to fall asleep faster and for a long duration. 

  • Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics, focuses on eradicating issues regarding end-of-arm tooling in industrial robots by providing smart material soft-touch grippers. The company uses advanced materials in its products to grip anything from fresh fruits to pens and candy bars, with the finesse of a human. 

  • Soft Robot Tech (SRT)

SRT is a China-based startup, that specializes in software robotics, like flexible SRT jaws, intelligent medical aids, and other services. The company studies the deformation mechanism of flexible materials and designs grippers that can grip workpieces of different sizes, shapes, and weights with a single claw. These claws have a soft, pneumatic finger that covers the target without knowing its size or shape in advance.