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Top 5 SaaS Solutions for Procurement Automation

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Top 5 SaaS Solutions for Procurement Automation

Digital transformations are compelling companies to transform their business model and reduce human intervention wherever possible. Procurement management is the backbone of any industry and the ultimate goal is to drive transactional efficiency avoiding various risks such as loss, theft and manual error. For streamlining the functionalities associated with the business requirements across multiple departments, various technologically advanced companies have come up with robust solutions that can enable time efficiency as well as error free output.

We have listed the top such companies that can contribute to the profitability of your organization.

NimbleS2P – Digitization through Supplier Portal 

Organizations that need a quick start and impactful digital transformation of suppliers find great value for NimbleS2P. The SaaS solution is built on the world’s leading CSP platform – Laserfiche, making it robust and flexible for procure to pay, contracts management and supplier portal.

  NimbleS2P is integrated with Indian GSP providers and enables organizations with ready-to-use features matter for procurement, providing an ROI in less than 9 months. Engaging and transacting with the suppliers is no more a burdensome process with the user-friendly interface, multichannel collaboration, and seamless integrations.

Procurify – Simplify Purchase Controls

Software which can enhance the growth of the company by analyzing company’s spending. Procurify is the go to purchasing and spend management platform for SME organizations that want to make spending smart and simple.

They integrate with many ERP systems including net suite and quick books. Digital procurement software facilitates actions such as to request and approve purchase orders, pick and order relevant products or services, receive and match up the invoice with the order and formulate the documents necessary for authentication of payment.

SAP Ariba- for Large Sourcing Network

For the fast movement of companies and better spending of companies SAB ARIBA is a cloud based platform that is into procurement and supply chain collaboration. They help in connecting from a large B2B network, creating dynamics, digital collaboration with millions of suppliers and other trading partners.  Overall, it simplifies the procurement and sourcing process with integration to SAP supplier relationship management (SRM) and other ERP software.

Tradeshift – Trade Technology Platform

Tradeshift Buy is a digital B2B marketplace. They build stronger connections between buyers and sellers. It’s simple that both sides can truly thrive. Whether you’re looking for more buyers or better collaboration with your existing ones, they have a solution that’s right for you. As a supplier on the marketplace, one can gain access to a network of potential new buyers for your goods and services and can connect more closely with your existing buyers through seamless, digital interactions.

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With Tradeshift one can get better transaction visibility, Instant payment status updates, fast and efficient digital communication, access to potential new buyers on the network, visibility into every transaction in your supply chain, early invoice payments for supplier financing etc.  Tradeshift can be a power booster for your company’s growth. 

Ivalua – Suite for Spend Management

To make expansion possible, allowing businesses to arrive at smarter business decisions that have a higher chance of success, Ivalua came up with an end to end procurement solution that facilitates bids management and stock related requirements of service and sales businesses. Ivalua brings the consumer shopping experience that your users recognize to a business platform.

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This powerful and simple solution allows users to engage in intuitive shopping. They track actual and planned spend commitments against budget; negotiate savings linked directly to budget, flexible business specific approvals and complex cost allocation support. Ivalua has grown into software that has aided more than 250 different types of businesses in managing their expenses, saving time and money, and reducing risk factors.