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  /  Artificial Intelligence   /  Top 4 Non-AI Technologies Essential for AI Development in 2021
Non-AI technologies

Top 4 Non-AI Technologies Essential for AI Development in 2021

Global Tech Outlook explores four non-AI technologies that are essential for AI development

The emergence of artificial intelligence has completely transformed the workflow of several companies and factories. Society is reaping the benefits of smart functionalities of artificial intelligence through multiple different IoT devices. But it is interesting to know how non-AI technologies are helping in AI development efficiently and effectively. Developers are building AI with non-AI technologies to provide more time-efficient and cost-efficient artificial intelligence models. Let’s explore the top four non-AI technologies that are essential for AI development in 2021.


Top 4 Non-AI Technologies Essential for AI Development in 2021

Semiconductors: There are multiple companies focused on manufacturing non-AI technology such as semiconductors for AI development in 2021. There are specialized programmes in these semiconductors that help to create AI technology, artificial intelligence models, and AI chips across the world. Semiconductor chips are well-known for getting utilized in data servers for AI development and training purposes. These are popular for enhancing the data usage efficiency in AI-powered circuits. Scientists can leverage semiconductors with structural modifications for AI development.

GPUs: GPUs or Graphics Processing Unit is another non-AI technology for AI development. It enables computers to have advancements in computational powers and speed for effective data management in this data-driven culture. The high bandwidth and high processing power help in AI development through artificial intelligence models. It is configured to train artificial intelligence as well as deep learning models. These smart abilities provide the requisite computing edge over traditional CPUs. Thus, GPUs are soaring high in the market because it restricts the known limitations of artificial intelligence, providing opportunities for AI development.

Quantum computing: Quantum computing is thriving in the tech-driven market owing to its power to entangle the secrets of the nature. Quantum computers are known for binary numbers that enable artificial intelligence models to retain sensitive and confidential information from specialized quantum datasets. It is more powerful than Artificial intelligence without any committing any error. Quantum computing provides open-source frameworks for AI development.

Neural networks: Neural networks leverage numbers and numerical information for effective data processing in artificial intelligence models. It is one of the top five non-AI technologies for AI development that contains multiple data modes that are replicas of human biological neurons to copy activities of human brain. This is how developers can move forward with further advancement of AI development. Neural networks are known for its effectiveness and help in AI development in 2021. It is useful as a function approximator while achieving a general intelligence.