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  /  Latest News   /  Top 10 Machine Learning Influencers to Follow in 2022
Machine Learning

Top 10 Machine Learning Influencers to Follow in 2022

There are around 300,000 artificial intelligence and machine learning scientists around the world. Such machine learning scientists contribute exceptional works based on AI, ML, deep learning, coding, and the list will go on.  Machine learning will continue to provide advanced technologies with its fast-paced applications much earlier than we all expect. There are enormous AI professionals who are proactive in this field and contribute a lot with their heart and soul and immense hard work which needs to be noted. These machine learning influencers are available on social media. You can follow such eminent personalities who are totally into AI, ML, Deep Learning on the social media platforms Twitter. Know the ML influencers on Twitter personally. You can also gain much more knowledge from their life itself and know their works, experiences to get more opportunities.


The Top Machine Learning Influencers Are


Ramesh Sampath

A machine learning engineer with a deep background in different ventures, Sampath will often post tutorials and machine learning papers.  Ramesh Sampath has been working as a machine learning engineer for landing AI.


Jessica Hamrick

Jess is a research scientist at Google’s DeepMind division and often tweets about advanced machine learning research algorithms. There she studies how to build machines that can flexibly build and deploy AI models. Her work combines insights from cognitive science with structured relational architectures, model-based deep reinforcement learning, and planning.


Jason Brownlee

The curator of Machine Learning Mastery, Jason has tons of free posts and resources dedicated to upskilling software engineers with machine learning knowledge they can apply. Jason started a community as he finds machine learning endlessly fascinating and also, he would like to help developers get started and get good at applied machine learning.


Hilary Mason

Hilary works as the general manager for machine learning at Cloudera and she will often retweet and share original posts on machine learning theory. She has recently embarked on writing a series on data and ethics. Mason was the Chief Data Scientist at Bitly for four years. She is the Founder and CEO of Fast Forward Labs and is a consultant Data Scientist at Accel, evaluating and advising on data strategies regarding technologies and investment opportunities. In 2010, she co-founded HackNY, a non-profit that helps integrate engineering students into the startup community in New York City. She has also been a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Technology and Innovation Advisory Council.


Andrew Ng

Andrew is known for creating pioneering AI and machine learning courses, such as AI and deep learning. As a Stanford University professor in machine learning, he co-founded Coursera, a platform for massive online courses, many of them focused on AI and machine learning. Dr. Ng’s research is mainly in fields such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, machine perception, and natural language processing. Dr. Ng has touched countless lives through his work as a computer scientist which led to him being named as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2012.


Yoshua Bengio

Yoshua is one of the leading Canadian computer scientists and influencers. He’s known for his works in machine learning and deep learning. He is a professor at the University De Montreal in the department of computer science. He is also the Director of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms.


Soumith Chintala

Soumith works on open-source software for machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. He has experience in leading large engineering and product teams.


Yann LeCun

He is a well renowned French computer scientist. Yann works in the field of machine learning, mobile robotics, computer vision, and computational neuroscience. He teaches at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. He is also the vice president and Chief AI scientist at Meta.


Peter Skomoroch

Peter is a machine learning executive who primarily has experience in building and running data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence teams. He was the former head of Data Products at LinkedIn and Workday.


Ian Goodfellow

Ian is an artificial intelligence scientist who predominantly works in machine learning, AI, and data science fields. He works as the Director of Machine Learning in the Special Projects Group at Apple Inc. He made several contributions in the field of deep learning.