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Business Intelligence tools

Top 10 Effective Business Intelligence Tools of 2021

Global Tech Outlook presents to you the top 10 effective BI tools of 2021 to enhance business insights.

The advent of Big Data has increased the value of Business Intelligence tools to collect, detect, track, evaluate and generate some in-depth business insights needed for reputed companies or start-ups. The emergence of the data-driven era has created major technological disruptions in the global market where there is a constant need for updated and smart technologies to guide companies. Here, comes the introduction of Business Intelligence that utilises multiple sets of real-time data to enhance business outcomes in the competitive market. Companies have initiated to invest a huge amount of fund in several Business Intelligence tools with the proper use of BI algorithms efficiently.


Top 10 Effective Business Intelligence Tools of 2021


Tableau is one of the world’s leading analytics platforms that guide companies to understand large-scale multiple sets of real-time data. This Business Intelligence tool generates unlimited data exploration without any disturbance in the existing flow of analysis. Tableau CRM is more efficient in smart work, detecting market trends faster with Einstein AI. It allows the import of data from several sources such as Excel, SQL, Oracle, Google Analytics and much more available in the market.


Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has the mission to help business leaders in creating a data-driven culture with BI algorithms. The active users can procure self-service analytics at an enterprise scale with a reduction in cost, complexity and cyberattacks. Power BI generates smart tools to provide business with in-depth business insights, in-built AI capabilities and custom data connectors. The users can easily connect to different models and visualise real-time data analytics through dashboards, interactive reports, personalised with KPIs and the company brand. It provides end-to-end data protection that helps organisations to share files to the third party in any format— Excel, PPT or PDF.



Domo helps the users to enhance the existing data warehouse with automated insights and augmented analytics. It encourages companies to publish the contents of real-time data and analytics to their customers and partners for creating a customised data experience leading to commercialisation of real-time data. Domo consists of several exciting features such as data integration, BI and Analytics, embedded and extended analytics, security and governance as well as intelligent apps.



QlikView is a classic real-time data analytics solution with the presence of a lucrative associative engine. The next generation of QlikView is also available for the users known as Qlik Sense. This Business Intelligence tool provides a hassle-free experience to users where they can explore large-scale data on any device using powerful global search. The Associative engine generates unlimited combinations of real-time data from diverse sources to reveal hidden insights for market trends. It is a governed, multi-cloud platform that lets the users deploy in any kind of environment such as on-premise, cloud or SaaS solution.



Sisense is one of the leading AI-driven analytics platforms that embed analytics in every workflow to provide unique data experiences to active users. It has the patent-pending knowledge graph technology, Sisense Sense-IQ that generates AI to automatically highlight in-depth business insights for market trends. It ensures everyone for proper usage of real-time data with an analytics continuum from code-first to code-free. It provides multi-level security to over 2,000 clients in the global market to unlock extraordinary business values against competitors.


Dundas BI

Dundas BI is the end-to-end Business Intelligence tool with sufficient flexibility to simplify the real-time data analytics process for better data visualisation. It guides the organisations by transforming complex raw data to in-depth business insights with the help of personalised dashboards, creative reports and visual data analytics. It adapts to the needs of the firm efficiently and effectively without any disturbance in the computer system. This tool consists of BI algorithms that are built with updated HTML5 and fully open APIs to create pixel-perfect dashboards.



Microstrategy is one of the best Business Intelligence tools in enterprise analytics for any kind of firms. It comes with HyperIntelligence and builds dossiers that are packed with personalised dashboards and creative visualisations. The dashboards are connected to over 200 data sources, providing sub-second responses at an enterprise scale. The users can embed zero-click answers and one-click actions directly into the websites or apps on a regular basis.


Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service Business Intelligence tool that generates lucrative data visualisations consisting of real-time data analytics within a few minutes. The active users can automatically track business metrics, forecast market trends and identify in-depth business insights with blended data from multiple sources. It has its intelligent assistance, Zia that is adapted with NLP and provides results in the form of auto-generated reports. It provides the capabilities of adding comments and conversations with colleagues as well as red alerts if someone unusual comments.



The dashboards of Klipfolio consist of several formulas, functions and data modelling to provide in-depth business insights with BI algorithms. It is one of the best Business Intelligent tools where the user can find pre-built visualisations or embed own brand with personalised themes. It has the power to connect to more than 300 services capturing real-time data to manage client reports effectively. The users can share dashboards through view-only links, PDF, emails, Slack messages and many other applications. It provides the users with new innovative products such as PowerMetrics and MetricHQ on its website.



The mission of RStudio is to rethink reporting with automation using professional data science solution for every user. It is an integrated development platform for R and Python with syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code execution. There is one button deployment of Shiny applications, R Marketdown reports and Jupyter Notebooks. There is a presence of RStudio package manager, which controls and organises the use of R packages to enhance productivity and reduce the installation time.